India Couture Week 2014: Sabyasachi

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Whether jaded by his clothes or not, there’s no one better than Sabyasachi to create a mood within a space, be it with the interiors of his stores or the decor around his presentation. And this latest showing from him at Couture Week was no different. While we weren’t there in person, the images make us wish we were. With the stage set to resemble First Class coupes and cabins in trains of the past, there is an unmistakable hum of quiet luxury with the patina of everything vintage. Our only gripe, wish we had better pictures.

But enough of the setting, on to the clothes. Sabyasachi’s Ferozabad Collection offers what we’ve come to expect from the designer. Signature silhouettes in fabrics like khadi, net and velvet and beautifully beaded, embroidered, Zardozi-rich pieces among others were the mainstay of the collection. What stood out however was the sari with the pashmina pallu, the soft/dusty chintz-ey florals, Nehru jackets and the bolder menswear. It was the latter (menswear) that was perhaps the most exciting part of the presentation.

While we have always admired the very earthy sensuality of a Sabyasachi woman, it was the ‘Veuve Clicquot drinking, Polo playing, occasionally goes hunting man from the times of Raj’ imagery that we got from this showing that made far more of an impact. It could mean two things- Either the menswear was that good or we are ready for something fresher and newer (even if it means re-inventing the already mastered beautiful wheel) when it comes to womenswear from Sabyasachi.

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Sabyasachi Couture 2014-2

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Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This collection seems like the one we have seen earlier. But I do like all the lehengas. Particularly those two in black & beige combo. While some of the men’s pieces look fine, the posing is rather weirdly funny.

  2. Waiting for Ranveer singh to wear one of those soon.. he is the best person to carry it off… maybe even Hrithik for Bang Bang promotions…

  3. I love it. Yes it has a sense of déjà vu but ko one makes you want to go back to the same old, same old like Sabya. It’s like he has found his niche, made it his home and all he does is redecorates every year. And invites you in. The core structure says the same.

    • Applauses! He is just like Elie Saab in that matter. Yet they’re so beautiful one can only forgive them until next time ! :P Now I LOVED the men collection. I hope Bollywood’s young guns dare a look or three. Fawad Khan NEEDS to be seen in a few of them for his next in-character promo!

    • That’s my favourite too. While he’s not charting a new and adventurous course, each one of these pieces are the work of a master craftsman/technician. Acquiring them would be akin to investing in art.

  4. the 3rd row is gorgeous. the rest is things we have come to expect of sabya. it was gorgeous nonetheless.. but i really do think its time to reinvent the wheel. all his collections now look the same. needs to add some zing and freshness

  5. Love the women’s wear. The work on each of the sarees, dupatta, kurti and lehenga is just gorgeous. Love the muted colors as well. Men’s wear is kinda fun…but only a few men could carry the pieces. I think it would look on some women too!

  6. I feel you are biased pnp. You seem to favor manish malhotra and anamika who does the same thing for centuries. While anamika is downright unwearable except for celebs and manish does the heavy border velvet lehenga with heavy blouse and net dupatta for god knows how long….. I find sabyas clothes to be couture and the most wearable. Spectacular show and clothes and i dont see any piece thats unwearable.

  7. My jaw just dropped. Isn’t each piece stunning. Someone said it right . It looks like a painting . If I could afford them I would get all . And I can’t wait to see Ranveer Singh rock one of those suits.

  8. Ethereal, royal, stunning as usual. Sure there will be those complaining its the same ole but hes obviously found his signature stamp and hes going to stick with it, and good for him. Each piece is wearable in its own right. Love it.

  9. Sabya is classic couture . Beautiful colours, exquisite craftsmanship, classic design, vintage style beyond the fads of the day, this is the kind of trousseau material that can be handed down generations. If you are going to invest in one ethnic designer piece, it ought to be Sabya. And having a gorgeous, signature look is an asset for any label.


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