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While at a popular exhibition in Mumbai, Roshni paired dhoti pants (from her label) with a white tee and khaki twill jacket. Silver jootis, an Alexander Wang bag and tassel necklace finished out her look. An interestingly styled look, no doubt. But tell us, did it work? Like how Ms. Chopra put together her look?

Roshni Chopra Wears Her Own To Araaish 2015

Roshni Chopra At Araaish 2015

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Kudos to her for not coming off looking clownish…despite the mishmash she actually does make it work. I would certainly take away the jacket for one.

  2. With SO many potentially competing elements this look theoretically shouldn’t work but man it totally does! It is actually brilliant styling – she looks SO good and I’d totally want to copy it (though I’m not sure I could carry it off)
    What I do know is I want those dhoti pants NOW!!

  3. Love it waist down…those pants and jootis look fantastic together. With no necklace or at least a thinner, longer chain this outfit could’ve been killer!

  4. Nyet! Those dhoti pants belong on a farm when you are harvesting paddy. Not on a red carpet. The entire ensemble is mismatched and bad. Who sent a memo to designers that dhoti pants must be introduced to the public at large and promoted as something stylish?

    • Haha Your comment just cracked me up. Does this look like the red carpet to you? It’s an exhibition and very casual.
      Dhoti pants should be reserved for the farm? Really??

  5. That bag just doesn’t belong here. But it’s a great new look! Well styled. Though i wonder how a kimono would work instead of this jacket.

  6. I love the look. She manages to pull off the busy look with such ease. Even if wanted to wear a jacket..she should’ve chosen a different one. Perhaps a short, clean, well-fitted blazer/jacket.


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