In Falguni And Shane Peacock

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Wearing Falguni and Shane Peacock, Richa attended the IIFA Awards held last night. Going easy on accessories and make-up, she finished out the look with hairstyle du jour, a top knot.

The dress which wouldn’t have had us bat an eyelid at VMAs, MTV Movie Awards or Music Awards had us cringe at this particular instance… Interesting dress, wrong event. And in any case, did Ms. Chadda pull it off…? Debatable!

P.S: See this dress on Sameera Reddy here.


Richa Chadda At IIFA Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This is horrible. Atrocious. She doesn’t work it and not many could work it. At this event I don’t think anyone could have worked it-because it’s not event appropriate imo.

  2. I see a job opportunity here. I would like to volunteer myself as ‘ Honest Opinion Harry’ because obviously these people don’t have anyone that would give them an honest opinion. This lady would get a ‘Why so low, boobs?’.

  3. I dont get one thing…Why do these people want to wear the outfits that someone has already worn before…And that to the most horrendous ones…First it was those Sonakshi Raaj gowns that was worn by everyone repeatedly and now this…Also, a piece of suggestion, please look in the mirror prior to stepping out in such monstrosity…

  4. Every time I click on this blog and come across this pic, I shudder and quickly scroll down to avoid looking at this picture. I honestly feel bad for her. Her chest area looks pretty bad.


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