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We got sighting of Rekha and her signature style at two recent Award shows. Though there is no real novelty to either of the two looks, like one more over the other? We do… The pink!

rekha at filmfare awards 2014 and at screen awards 2014

Left: At Screen Awards 2014
Right: At Filmfare Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I wish she’s broken up the gold palette by introducing black/red/green jewellery or a black/red/green blouse. That would have make the look on the left perfect. Regardless, she looks as elegant as ever.

  2. The original ‘Umrao Jaan’. I don’t care how ott her sarees are. She rocks each and everyone of them, drape, accessories and all. Love both looks. She is such a classic Indian beauty and almost 60 too. I wish I could find a pic (few years old) of Rekha wearing jeans …she rocked those too.

  3. SO BORING and done to death, I don’t know why one would want to wear the same old gold-on- gold stuff at EVERY event. If its your signature style, there are still ways of subtly changing it up in place of doing it the exact way from hair/ makeup/ jewelry like she’s attending a south Indian wedding muhurtam. I sometimes can’t even figure out that its another event she’s been at. I am sure she must be sporting new saris and not re-cycling, which is a shame and waste of money at this point because they don’t look any different from the other gold sari with gold border that’s he just wore yesterday. Yeah, the pink is minutely different, good thing…

    Cant she wear something other than blinding kanchivarams just for a change, those poor little silk worms are giving up their life in hordes for one same ol’ after another :(!!!

  4. Are you guys really using “novelty” and “signature style” in the same post!?
    It is her signature look… and its Rekha, she is the original and she rocks it! We’d be shocked if she didn’t gve us this look. I always only question the sindoor…

  5. I agree.. Even though her signature style is OTT sarees, she could always mix it up a bit. There’s no way we can look at a saree and go like she wore that to so n so event because in the end, they all look the same and give the same vibe..

  6. Hi P & P, I wish you guys could help me out by finding out WHERE on earth mam’ Rekha buys her sarees. I really like the pink one too. Can you please ID the designer or the store she bought it from? thank you.

  7. i really want to see rekha in a simple kanjeevaram in earthy colours , with minimalistic jewellery and makeup. and her hair tied in a bun. she would look fantastic. like a southern version of waheeda rahman

  8. i love rekha. if i were a bolly diva of a certain vintage, this is exactly what i’d do and not give a hoot as to what the fashion police thinks.

  9. Couldn’t agree more shwetha! To me it’s the same thing over and over. I don’t know why she is featured here because it is not very different from the look of most elegant ladies at a wedding or some big function. It’s been boring since the start. Not that I’m expecting her to amp up her style (c’mon 60) but I certainly don’t feel she needs to be showcased here as often as she does. It’s nothing original unless one is sentimental about kanchee saris.

  10. I’m def not a fan of her gaudy style, but whatever, it’s hers and she owns it.
    Why does she wear sindoor if she’s not married and how is that okay to do???

  11. The sarees look even better when Rekha wears it!
    well one question…..she’s not married to anyone right? yet she wears sindoor?
    why’s that? o_O


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