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When it comes to Mr. Singh, by now, we know it is best to expect something unexpected. At the Filmfare Awards, he wore a printed suit by Karrtik D featuring hindi movie posters.

Now, the idea ain’t really novel, we’ve seen Satya Paul sari featuring actresses before but we haven’t quite seen anyone from the industry embrace it. Like his ode to Hindi cinema?

Ranveer Singh at Filmfare Awards 2018

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  1. This guy can look cool in a clown costume ! Can’t think of anyone else in the whole world who can pull this off the way he is. Goes to show attitude and confidence make you stylish , not clothes.

  2. If only he’d give up wearing skinny tight trousers and keep to the traditional fits men wear.. the look would be more more acceptable. The chicken legs make it funny

    • I was trying to shop for my husband’s trousers and could find only 2 types, something like skinny and extra skinny (i forget the actual names). We just gave up and are going to get it stitched. Is this the latest men’s fashion these days?

      • its the latest creep trend.. for men and women! the old dapper trousers cut for the man, is long gone.. on women its slimming, on men its really really .. *dont get a word..* ! you have to get it stitched from the old uncle tailors who dont get the skinny/straight cut.. =P its against the male thing for them!

  3. Well Ranvir Singh….sky is the limit for him…he rocks everything he wears with his uber cool and amped up attitude. On an aside, he should auction this suit for charity. Will make a great keepsake for someone who can bid high for it.

  4. Ranveer Singh is the IRL version of Flynn Rider, isn’t he?
    If it wasn’t for the timeline I’d believe Disney modeled the character on him.


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