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You can count on Mr. Singh now to always deliver the unexpected on the red carpet. At the Dubai International Film Festival, opening night had him in a Vivienne Westwood suit but the element that made the look quirky was the printed robe that he also chose to wear on the red carpet.

On day two, at the premiere of Befikre, the actor sported a white Rishta By Arjun Saluja separates with Sabyasachi x Louboutin studded brogues.

The man pulled off both looks with such ease. We’ve sure thank him (and his stylist Nitasha) for keeping it interesting. Always.


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  1. You have to give it to this guy for doing colors in such a confident male way. Seeing him reminds me that India does come from a long tradition of mrn wearing colored dhotis and jewellery.
    And the chocolate brown suit is so coordinated with vaanis green gown, that it ends up complementing them together.

    The white one, its such a mix of Arab sheik and babumoshai and a tambram look, only ranveer could have pulled it off probably. I am guessing the lower half of the separates are dhoti?

    • Beautifully written! I agree with each word of what you said. While I am no fan of this guy, but I do give it to him for broadening the horizons of male-fashion in India or might I say, for single-handedly shouldering & owning different & innovative looks which many men out there won’t think of it on paper even! He is a risk-taker and very gutsy with whatever he wears… I do give it to him for that!

  2. He’s the male version of Kiran Rao. Going out of the way to be quirky, so much so that it takes away from his fun mischeavous personality!
    Kuch bhi!

  3. Totally admire how Ranveer Singh isn’t afraid to walk a different line on the red carpet. Both his looks are nice but I love him in the Arjun Saluja dhoti separates.

  4. Whilst I understand his urge to be outstanding, I can’t help myself from lmao.

    He’s the male sonam kapoor, too liberal with his styling. Balanced simplicity is sexy, not this.

  5. This guy can get away with anything thanks to his lovely, fun , confident and carefree attitude. He does not wear the clothes , the clothes wear him.

    I do think fashion should be about having fun with clothes more than conforming to the proper rules. Thats too boring and Ranveer is anything but that.

  6. I love him way too much to give a non biased opinion. But the fact that he’s the only one in bollywood that experiments so much, is exciting. It’s nice to actually want to see a man changing it up. He really is a pioneer. I loved both these looks. He looks majestic.

  7. This guy looks good no matter what he wears, but love the Vivienne Westwood look! Stunningly gorgeous! Only Ranveer Singh could carry it off AND look this good!


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