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It wasn’t just women dominating the runways the past two weeks. Men too joined in on the fun. While Sonu & Sanjay were spotted in desiwear, the rest went the suit route.

Got a favorite?

Left: Sonu Sood at India International Jewellery Week
Right: Sanjay Dutt at Gitanjali Ticket To Bollywood

Left & Center: Neil Nitin Mukesh & Fardeen Khan at Gitanjali Ticket To Bollywood
Right: Ranveer Singh for Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Sonu Sood!!! About time the men on the ramp were made to wear lavish traditional clothes that are impractical in the present day. The female models do it all the time. :)

    I wish the cut of the vest was different, though.

  2. sonu sood is a great looking guy, but the outfit is too costumey no? and ranveer is cute but not in this suit. too shiny. maybe i’m old fashioned but i like men in classic cuts and colors.
    to state the obvious fardeen is unrecognisable! he does not belong on a ramp!
    i am liking the sherwani that sanjay dutt has on but i guess he’s put on that bulk for a film?

  3. Not a fan normally but here Neil Nitin is hands down the charmer with Ranveer as a close second. As for Sonu – I am ALL for desi attire but only when it’s done right – his looks overwhelming.

  4. sonu sood is badly styled. with his cleavage out like that and wearing those chunky neckpieces, he looks like a cross dresser, dipping into the female models’ wardrobe.

  5. oh my, sonu sood is so badly styled, would have liked to see him in a properly styled traditional wear.
    the bad vest, armlet hanging as a bracelet and that cloth tied around his waist….looks like the attire is completely stolen from a ladies wardrobe and worn in a hurry.

  6. Sanjay Dutt looks so OLD! Age and stress has caught up with him, and how!
    Fardeen Khan needs a haircut and some exercise!
    Ranveer looks good but too shiny that blazer!
    I love Sonu Sood but the look seems so overdone here!
    Pick of the lot would be Neil. Simple. Understated. Down to earth. As always.

  7. Sonu Sood looks like he stepped out of Mahabharat set…but drool on that hot-bod!! *sigh*
    Someone should tell Fardeen Khan that his ticket to Bollywood has long expired!!
    Neil Nitin Mukesh is so delish!!


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