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To promote Mardaani, Rani Mukherjee tied up with a TV program and visited several Army posts. What was interesting though was her choice of bag while visiting these posts.

Do you think she coordinated her bag on purpose? We’d like to think yes, for sure! :P


Left: Rani Mukherjee Visits Army Posts For Mardaani Promotions
Right: Valentino Camouflage Bag- Buy


Rani Mukherjee Visits Army Posts For Mardaani Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Using the nation’s police and army to promote a movie is a whole new level of low. It was bad enough when movie promotions entered TV Serials and actors pretended to be irrelevant guest characters. Not like our TV Serials had much of a story or screenplay. But this is just astonishing. Why is the army and police allowing themselves to be used like this for someone else’s monetary gain? Just to see a star and feel important for a day ? This is sad.
    I am not wishing Rani or this movie well.
    Matching the bag to the event – tacky to see the least.

  2. Don’t know where to start! Promoting your movie by visiting army posts! And what is she coordinating her bag with? The venue? Fatigues of the people she has apparently come to applaud? If at all, the movie people choose to visit such places, it would be best to keep it simple and low profile (and not flaunt brands) but I guess that would defeat their purpose.

  3. This is too funny, the way she is posing her bag! The way the bag is kept on the armrest is the funniest. Like the bag is a person, oh wait that is a bagwati!

    • Ha ha. Some people really lack confidence even after spending years in the cine industry or in the public eye. It just shows in their body language.

  4. Whats wrong everyone? I think its a nice gesture …….to carry that bag. she’s doing her own little bit to show camaraderie …….Bravo girl !!

  5. Ha ha @ bagwati! Of course it’s on purpose and she’s making it obvious too. Seriously doesn’t have to go all green to show solidarity. But should r she be visiting police posts, given the movie? Thought she was playing a police officer or am I mistaken?


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