In Sabyasachi

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Simple, elegant and beautiful. Love this appearance of Rani’s.

P.S: If you happen to live in N.America and have to have this Sabyasachi sari, you may want to check out PKG.

Rani Mukherjee At Durga Puja Celebrations 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • My thoughts exactly. She looks best in sarees. And she is rocking this bengali look with the big bindi and all. Wow !

      Nothing desingerish about the saree, but it looks awesome !

      • I agree I’m sure you can get the same thing for 1/10th the price in one of the markets but Rani looks great. I have a feeling a bun would have taken this look to yet another level. But still no complaints.

  1. She looks absolutely stunning. The saree is lovely, and her makeup is perfect. On a different note, I’d love to be in Kolkata during Durga Puja sometime’ the colors, the joyousness, the festivities – it must be amazing! :)

  2. Hi P&P,

    Rani looks stunning! And so happy to hear you complimenting her style for once ;).

    I was wondering… could you do an educational post about what goes behind the styling of actresses? I’ve always wondered… do they hire stylists that work for them full time? Or is the stylist hired for the event and then dresses multiple actresses? Similarly- do they have full-time hair and makeup artists that coordinate with the stylists for each event or movie?

    I think a lot of your readers would love to get a behind-the-scenes idea of what’s going on, and I just don’t know who to ask other than you two pros!


    • I know, wish I knew someplace in the U.k they sell Sabyasachis. He should have an online shopping website for those that don’t live in India – I know there would be a LOT of interest in that.

  3. i love to see what rani wears every year to durga puja…she always look so elegant and bengali, and not like she’s trying to hard. bong power!!

  4. I agree. great colors, well fitted, this suits her fine. Classy yet young and fresh..Her hair is slightly curled, showing an effort on that side. Simple makeup which looks fine…I would have advised a matching orange or cream color tee shirt below instead of the black one, thats all

  5. its a gorgeous simple and sexy saree…i would love to wear it, Rani is looking so fresh and young.i love the bindi and the lip color on her.

  6. Absolutely stunning. Also I wish the website was a little more transparent. I emailed them to know about the pricing of a certain saree and was asked to call back, it just seems like a hassle and a little shady (imo, for all I know they are an absolutely upstanding business). I wish they wouldn’t hesitate in putting the prices online or atleast letting people know via email!

  7. Woohoo, I as a matter of fact have the EXACT SAME saree, but with a hot pink border instead of the red! Sigh! Just thinking of it makes me want to wear it..
    It drapes superbly, btw, & comes with a simple, but exquisite blouse :-)

      • Suchi, I paid Rs. 14500 – that’s about US$300-325, I suppose.
        Bought it from the Bombay store; they can stitch your blouses at extra cost (which I totally recommend – they did a fab job!).

      • And it took me about 20 seconds to decide to buy this one. Instant love if there ever was one (vague memory of snatching it out of someone’s hands ;-))

  8. She always looks stunning in Indian wear!

    Although its a different story in western wear….I cringed at her jeans and tee look on ‘Being Human’ ramp walk….agreed she is young and can wear anything, but her body type is best suited for Indian wear!

  9. Rani looks stunning!
    Are there any pictures of Vidya Balan at ballygunge durgotsav which she attended recently. Sure to see another Sabya! Will be interesting to see both these ladies side by side dressed for a Durga puja.


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