Rani on Hi Blitz: (Un)Covered

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Not quite in a bikini like Gisele but Rani bares a whole lot in the September issue of Hi Blitz in a shoot directed and styled by Sabyasachi.

Love it or hate it?


Rani Mukherjee on Hi Blitz September 2009


Rani Mukherjee on Hi Blitz September 2009


Photo Credit: eBay

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  1. wow, this is THE tackiest looking cover i have seen! the clothes are awful, rani looks substandard, she has no confidence whatsoever. the shoot is just disastrous. she looks like a bar dancer with her makeup and outfit. she just can’t pull it off. and the bra looks like it’s from tj maxx or something.

    • Woah … it isnt not even 1/100 th percent as bad as you said. your comment seems to be biased and prejudiced

      • aww, no strawberry, sorry that it seems that way, as i actually am a big rani fan. too bad though that she just seems to be trying too hard at portraying herself in an image she’s not comfortable with. and i also did expect better of sabyasachi.

        • I’m so sorry that you don’t have the taste to appreciate this. This is one of the most beautiful fashion shoots I’ve seen on this website. The Frida Kahlo inspiration is just amazing. But I guess Sabyasachi didn’t want it to be too literal by painting up Rani’s eyebrows :).

          The colour scheme, the lighting, the clothes – they are all gorgeous.

  2. Hate it. Rani is trying too hard to be seen as young and hip. Why is an established actress dressing like a starlet? There are other elegant ways to show off her new body.

    I also don’t like the photos. I barely recognized her face. Rani’s glow is gone.

    • Carol I think if Rani was trying to be young and hip she would never have given her OK for these shots. They are anything but young and hip.. more like timeless and ageless beauty but not hip and not youthful at all.

  3. Wow, the Cover page looks amazing. It took me a while to realize that its Rani. It has this ancient yet modern look to it. I LOVE it.

  4. What happened to the gorgeous Rani that all of us fell in love with?!?! She’s trying toooo hard to fit in with the newer girls. What’s next – a Maxim spread?!?!

    • I totally agree. She looks so out of her character and it’s not something many people can relate to with her. This type of style does not suit her at all.

  5. Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…
    the outfit s doing nothing for her… And the bindi.. why oh why??

    With so many beautiful Indian outfits around, and with Rani’s new slim look, was it really that difficult??

  6. If only Sabya had found a better way to showcase his clothes and Rani’s new bod! This is plain tacky…2 pics look mpre like she’s modelling for bras!

  7. ummmm…that is not a bikini top. Neither is it a bustier. So in the cover shot she looks like she is in a bra, waiting for someone to hand her a choli/top. The bored expression doesn’t help either. The shot in the sari looks like she took off her blouse and then suddenly the photographer entered her room and asked her to give him a fierce pose…and she did–in her bra.
    Wait, did I say bra too many times?
    Ok. In her brassiere then.

  8. Confidence wins half the battle-she doesn’t look confident at all. And what is it with this ‘bra’ blouses. She looks very average if even that and the blouses (or what there is of it) look cheap and tacky.

  9. At least if she wore a bikini I could say ok she wore a bikini. But what is this brothel style look with a bra? The cover picture is just bad. The kundan necklace is gorgeous and she does have a nice body but this is the most obnoxious way to show it off. Why does she need to act like a starlet? I am so disappointed as a Rani fan :( Hate IT!

    • I couldn’t agree more with what you say.

      The jewellery is gorgeous and the make up also nice, but she really does not need to do this. After all the hard work she put into her new body, she goes ahead and does this. NO NO NO NO

      • Also, this whole ‘She has returned’ business and all the criticism and writing off… this and all that she’s doing now seems like she has given in, agreed, is insecure/afraid, listening them…

        For goodness sake a few young girls coming in and her giving a few unsuccessful films due to bad choices and playing it safe does not and has not cancelled her past efforts and body of work out!

        In the memory and eyes of any intelligent viewer nothing has changed, she is not returning but clearly in her eyes she is and wants to…

        Insecurity at best. A sad story.

  10. I like her a bit too much … but this is disappointing … she looks like the character she played in Saawariya. She should stop trying so hard and depend on her excellent acting skills for a successful comeback.

  11. I love, love, love the shoot… I think its fab!
    So decadent, beautiful yet provocative..
    i believe i’ve never seen this polished rani before!

    • i totally agree with you… if kama sutra was to happen in this age… this is how i would like to see it…. i think its a modern kama sutra type of a shoot…

  12. EHHH!!! Rani vs. Sabyasachi…I’m conflicted
    I DO sort of like the concept, and the clothes except for the bra parts of course
    the cover and last shot are…weird but some of her facial expressions are actually sort of engaging; this defenitely has a very Sabya feel to it, which I am digging…but RANI
    basically, I have no idea -__-

  13. The Rani Returns indeed! with what? with her twin fantasies of victorian mistress and slutty show girl??

    what is devils name got into her and Sabyasachi? And she looks so camera conscious, stiff as a twig. Whatever the idea was it fell flat on its face.

  14. Love the jewelry. HATE HATE HATE everything else. rani of the old days ways so much better. she looks best in saris and other trad wear. she’s trying too hard here. great that she has lost weight but there are better ways to show that off w/o being cheap!

  15. Yikes! Its so obvious she is trying to convince people of her weight loss. Argh. And the clothes are yuck. Sabyasachi did you say? :/

  16. did she HAVE TO do this?? she looks completely expressionless and so bland and tacky! y would she do this to herself? she can do so much better!

  17. Hate it to the core. She is not at all looking elegant which she should in such kinda shoot. But instead she is looking desperate.
    Rightly said Mr.crab :)

  18. it says the *rani* returns and shows some kind of a maid in her bra. honestly, a truly regal look would have done so much more for the cover.

    rani deserved much better.

  19. first pic-makeup is horrible. only 3rd pic, she looks nice. clothes don’t suit her. but i like rani, so i am willing to let this pass.

    OMG! My first response was – did I see that bra at TJMaxx or Ross?
    Maybe they were going for a bar dancer vibe but she seriously seems to be lacking confidence…

  21. Quite disappointed with Sabyasachi here..major low for him I think. I quite like her make up in a couple of shots though (minus the red lipstick). Can anyone help me with who the make up artist is for this editorial? Thanks!

  22. Actually i like this shoot… i think its something i have never seen rani do before and the jewelery looksssssssssss like a million bucks…. i could have never imagined Rani wear a bikini top, however she looks super slim. The shoot is quite sexy, yet maintaing the vintage indian feel… overall i am glad that they have attempted to do something differnt with a film star. Sick of seeing actresses in over the top designer gowns or overtly embroidered indian wear.
    I am super duper bored of seeing the mundane magazine shoots that the audience is subjected to due to multiple magazine rivalry!!!

    • “…..so, i would really much prefer it if i saw actresses on covers in their undies…..” ??!!wtf?!

      sorry, my above comment really drips with sarcasm, but it’s the only follow up thought i could think of in response to your comment.

  23. Wow Rani is looking so fit even in that bra blouse…now! She looks nice especially in the second pic…beautiful! Whats on her head though?

    • hahaha : ironic how you say it would look good on a “thin” model, because that’s exactly the intention of this shoot, to show how “thin” she’s become!

      • Wow @ PeachBellini- I take it you are absolutely AGAINST this photoshoot, as you are replying to everyone’s comments.

        I for one think it’s a great photoshoot. Yes, granted Rani is in her Bra, but it doesn’t look cheap or vulgar, it still looks classy. It’s a different look for Rani, a look that she pulls off quite well here!!!

        • I don’t know-I gotta disagree here. It does look cheap/vulgar because her expressions lack confidence. When Kangana or other gals wear stuff like this they do it plenty of attitude and manage to pull it off. Rani looks uncomfortable and like she’s trying hard to look sensual/seductive but miserably fails.

          • I disagree I think her expression reflects like extreme inner confidence. When other “starlets” as everyone seems to be calling women actors on this site wear a bikini or a bra they have that pouty “I’m so hot” face which I think screams lack of confidence. It’s like they’re faking it hoping to make it. Here, Rani doesn’t seem to be making an issue of her weightloss or anything else.. it honestly doesn’t seem to me that she is screaming for attention…it really and truthfully just looks like this was the concept for the shoot. I think the pictures are beautiful and I actually like the concept. I don’t get how any girl can’t see the beauty of this shoot?! It’s baffling how people keep projecting their own thoughts onto her: “she’s acting like a wannabe starlet to fit in” “she’s so desperate to show off her weightloss”… it’s sickening.

        • sorry, am not AS against it as i guess it seems. i’m just replying to all the posts, because I feel that after a long time, there’s been something on hhc that’s worthy of a discussion :-)

  24. I love Rani and Sabyasachi but am surprised that they conceived of and executed this shoot! She has lost tons of weight yes but she does not need to pose in bikinis since she is soooo above that! I love the third picture of her–face shot, wearing a top with her head tilted to the side and flower-art in her hair. I do not like the other pics though!

  25. Cheap and tawdry shoot needs class and confidence which is totally lacking. Rani looks bored or scared.

    No Star Charisma at all!

  26. She looks so uncomfortable.. it not funny… the only thing this shoot proves is that she cant look hot and sexy to save her life.. she should just stick to the Ms Goody two shoes look

  27. this is terrible!! specially as she does not look confident or very pretty, and the bra and skirt thing, sooooo tacky!! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!

  28. But yes, her face looks pretty and is it just me that feels she bears a striking resemblance to Lisa Ray in some of the pics!

  29. No no noooo… not a bra… they could have used any other bikini top… a plain black one also would have been better, she is really trying too hard…

  30. How one earth is she trying too hard to be young and hip? :\ It doesnt look like a young and hip look to me. It’s more a graceful classy look. I don’t understand why people think she has no confidence and that her bubbly persona/glow have gone. They haven’t, and it will be obvious in Dil Bole Hadippa. She has more personality than any other “actress” out there and the fact that she is extremely close to a lot of her colleagues proves that. I think she looks stunning!! It’s a very different look and the colours work well. The hair looks awesome too!! Cut her some slack, she’s established herself already, now she is just trying different looks out. Does not make her desperate.

    • Saira, you’re right that she hasn’t lost her confidence and glow and personality etc etc. all’s we’re saying is that all of the above are lacking in this particular photoshoot. i have seen promos of dil bole hadippa, and she indeed has all the spunk that is characteristic of her.

      • ok bellini.. u really need to give up replying to all who have like this photoshoot… i agree with saira and sharin… the expressions are stark but fierce… it seems like there is story to this photoshoot… about a girl (Rani) who has disappeared… i really think the shoot has an element of mystery…

      • Huh? Do you expect ACTRESSES to portray their own personality in every photoshoot? The whole point of an ACTRESS, is that they can totally hide their own personality and create a new one if the role/shot requires. She has managed to hude her bubbly persona in this shoot. To me, that shows she is a good actress.

    • Completely agree.. in fact I mentioned the young and hip thing in an above comment before reading yours. This shoot by no means is a shoot someone would agree to if they were trying to look young and hip! Furthermore, just because she’s not grinning from ear to ear or laughing everyone mentions how she looks uncomfortable.. I think her eyes and the look she has in her eyes in these shoots are haunting and very captivating. People on this site need to realize that photoshoots..especially a cover shot, are supposed to be eyecatching, and clearly this shoot was because there is a LOT of discussion on here about it. That to me, means that this shoot was a success. I also don’t understand why people automatically associate a bra with “cheap” and “tacky”. I think Rani here, looks way classier than a lot of girls in saris just based on the way that she is carrying herself and the way she wears these clothes. Showing a woman’s body is beautiful, and artistic…just because someone is in a bra does not mean that it is cheap or tacky.. it’s FASHION.. its ART.. its not all supposed to be sunshine and smiles.

      • If this was supposed to be artistic, then they missed the marked. Rani is expressionless with lifeless eyes in this photoshoot and clearly looks uncomfortable.

        You are reaching with the explanations. For a photoshoot to work, we would not require a detailed description of what they were trying to portray. I wonder if we substituted Rakhi in these pictures, if you would still consider it ART?

        But to each his own. So I’m moving on.

      • “..That to me, means that this shoot was a success. I also don’t understand why people automatically associate a bra with “cheap” and “tacky”. I think Rani here, looks way classier than a lot of girls in saris just based on the way that she is carrying herself and the way she wears these clothes. Showing a woman’s body is beautiful, and artistic…just because someone is in a bra does not mean that it is cheap or tacky.. it’s FASHION.. its ART.. its not all supposed to be sunshine and smiles.”


  31. Oh my lord…. that is disastrous… WHY is Rani doing this?
    Those bras are awful, and there’s just too much skin on display.
    I get what they were trying to achieve in the shots, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work at all. She isn’t looking sexy in a deshabille way- just like she forgot to wear her blouse.
    And that headgear looks like it belongs to the unwanted lovechild of Frida Kahlo and the Chiquita banana lady… ;)

    • you cracked me up with this” ..unwanted lovechild of Frida Kahlo and the Chiquita banana lady”. Good going ladies. <3 some of these comments. :)

    • i don’t particularly like the shoot, but the comment on rani looking plus sized really troubles me. if so, all that is left for her to do in order to live upto the current standards of slimness is to turn anorexic/bulemic. p, this is not an attack on your comment, but rather a disturbed reaction to what we seem to have to come to see as a desirable body type. it seems not only an impossible standard but an unhealthy one!

      • I think her body looks great. I am not liking the bra like top (or perhaps it is a bra). The outfits are not great at all. The only thing I like is the jewellery and maybe the velvet dark outfit which looks like a sari. I think the sari looks good only because of the background and might come across as a big mess in real life. The hair and makeup reminds me of her look in Saawariya… and I don’t won’t to be reminded again and again. There is an absolute lack of anything new or inspirational in terms of styling, poses or expression in this shoot.

  32. NO Confidence whatsoever!!! What a HORRIBLE look! Come on, Rani. You can do better than this. Why trying so hard to bare yourself (pun intended)? It’s sad that girls continue to adopt the ‘starve and get skinny’ diets. Why not look at women like Bipasha Basu for healthy weight loss? Ugh. she looks nasty here.

    I like her close up though where she is clothed. She is a pretty girl.

    And then there is the picture on the left in second row … with the bra-blouse … it is so hooker-ish. Rite out of some cheap C-grade flick. Like she is forced to wear that outfit and she is doing it cuz she has a family to feed. Laga Chunari Mein Daag story.

  33. i actually like the vintage hair and make-up and old portraits kind of face..but yeah she needs to wear a blouse on the bras..

  34. I’m very disappointed. She’s such a fine actress, then why does she have to go and dress up like someone from b-grade bollywood movie!

  35. ” The Rani Returns” ??? From where? From the shower after washing her hair???

    LOL, I look like that when I come out of the shower after a hair wash with a towel wrap on my head. Minus the kundans ofcouse. Maybe, I should try this look next time! The kundan necklace is striking :-D

    • She isn’t trying to look HOT. Are you people deluded? When a woman is baring her skin, especially in this kind of shoot, IT IS NOT THE AIM TO LOOK HOT. The aim is to look mysterious, classic and resembles the olden days. Surely you can tell it aint meant to be sexy. Jeeeeeeez

  36. I dont think we should trash her for trying something new… the thing with new is, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.
    Its not the Rani we know and it might take time for us to get used to this new attitude of hers.
    She gets my full points for being bold and trying something new. But maybe next time she will get it right.

  37. I think this shoot would have worked in a Sabyesque way had thoses” braS” been replaced. Even if it was a itsy witsy blouse.. it should look like a blouse. These look just loke bras which makes the whole shoot weird!

  38. tht krsala jewellery is soooo good……….but i think a similar kundan piece looked so much better on sonam kapoor in her toga-style chanel…is’nt the krsala line designed by sonam’s mom??

    • anoo,
      Krsala is like a retail store that carries different lines of jewelery. They did once carry Suneeta Kapoor’s designs.

  39. Hate it, it just looks nude rather than classy. She could have wore something powerful, she doesn’t need to show skin because she is already made and famous..unless she wants to be an item girl

  40. Maybe it is a prostitute themed shoot. So bloody what? You mean to say a model cannot be styled as a prostitute? Do you guys get your panties in a bunch if an actress plays a prostitute in a film as well?

    I love everything that’s going on here. There’s Frida Kahlo, gorgeous vintage wallpaper that kind of reminds me (don’t know why) of Smita Patil’s Bhumika. All the props in the back – the fan, the old radio, the bed. Most Indian shoots are so bereft of props.

    And why is it a problem if Rani is modelling bras? Maybe Sabya has a line of bras – are you saying that an actress cannot model bras? Why is the moral police out in full force on this post – it disgusts me.

    • Where is Frida Kahlo in this photoshoot? For the life of me, I can’t spot her. Frida related most with the Tehuana women of Southern Mexico because they had a matriarchal society – not a patriarchal one. For that reason, Frida wore a Tehuana head-dress. She did not have a whole garden growing in her hair.

      As for the rest of your comment, live and let live ;) You like it, others don’t. No need to say people’s knickers are in a twist or demean their taste because they don’t see what you see.

      • The head-dress is a clear nod to Frida’s style. Sabya simply exaggerated it. Are you seriously suggesting that Oaxaca has a matriarchal society? My Oaxacan neighbours would be extremely amused at your comments.

      • And by the way, it is simply the dress that is called the Tehuana dress. There are no Tehuana women. This dress is native to Oaxaca in Mexico.

    • So is this a bra shoot or is sabya cleverly sneaking in his bras in the shoot to promote them?!
      The thing is that the ‘bra’ blouse is not always reqd to make a shoot look sexy and hooker themed. They’ve overdone it here..

    • i respect your opinion on the shoot. but come on, the intention here is definitely not to model a bra for the sake of it being a bra. they’re trying to pass off a bra as a blouse! I would be fine with it if they came clean and told us that this is a bra ad, especially since it does look like one.

      And no, there’s no problem in an actress playing a prostitute, but movies are completely different from photoshoots – she is not playing a character in this shoot, she is playing herself, they’re not interviewing vibhavri, they’re interviewing rani mukherji.

      regarding teh props and all that, i do agree with you, i like the premise and the effect they were trying to create, but in my opinion, rani fails miserably in assuming the attitude and strong persona of someone like, say, frieda kahlo.

      • I agree with you PeachBellini. And even if this shoot was a past era brothel themed shoot…there is no need to use a bra! A small choli would have been better. And the clear discomfort on her face makes it even worse. I will say it again…if someone is not comfortable in something- revealing or not- it looks disastrous! This one falls in that category…if at least her face showed the attitude of a woman who is not afraid to reveal then this could have passed! Someone mentioned Saawariya…yes if she had half the attitide of Gulaab in this photoshoot this would have actually rocked!

        I do like the ambience and the props. I also like the picture of her in the black saree…that is pretty! But it’s the cover!

      • this discussion reminds of some shoot of malaika arora in just bra and underpants for maxim. i usually hate maxim shoots as everyone tries too hard to be hot and sexy and ends up looking really bad. but boy did malaika sizzle! that’s because she had that attitude in her face and the right body language that the shoot actually looked hot and sexy and not tacky!

      • @EM Frieda Kahlo DID wear flowers in her hair. So there goes your point.

        @PeachBellini I def think you have it wrong.. she is NOT modelling herself and she IS playing a character. Do you think that Rani normally walks around like this? Or looks like this? If they wanted to have her as a normal celebrity then they would have styled her like a normal celebrity. Of course they’re still going to interview her! I don’t get what is so confusing about this.. surely it has been done before.. an actress does a photoshoot where the pictures tell a story (that’s usually what a good photoshoot does)..and then the magazine interviews said actress and puts her name on the cover of the magazine… i

    • You missed the point. Nobody is passing a moral judgment here. We’ve seen skimpier clothes, some not even tasteful. All we’re saying is that a bra is a bra is a bra. It cannot be a bikini. Particularly not when it’s paired with a lehenga. And a weird head wrap to boot.

      We simply don’t get what they’re trying to do. Is it a bra and panties look? Bikini? Traditional lehenga? What IS it?

      It should have been kept straight or mixed up well. Unfortunately it came out looking desperate, lifeless and weird.

  41. And all the comments about loving the heavy kundan jewelry – yep, very predictable. Give them bling and they’d lap it all up. Challenge their conventions and see the claws come out.

  42. Umm… That’s a bra. I mean, it even has underwire. Never noticed how tiny her bits were before this. Nevertheless, Rani looks good. Love the vintage-ey feel of the shoot, though Rani could have looked a little less dead in the eyes.

  43. Can i just say that everyone is missing the point? It’s not about confidence. She is cleary utterly uncomfortable, which means that the clothes/make up etc look awkward and strange

  44. i think its quite nice! ya dont understand her need of wearing a bra for every pic! and with that huge thing on her head, i think its difficult to strike any pose leave alone look sexy but she manages it quite well. I like :)

  45. The jewelery is just ok! Everyone likes it just coz is Kundan and they r pretty in their form..But Ive seen better than this..

  46. Why this desperate attempt to pass off a bra as a blouse. And whatz up with the one boob saree styling. I am NOT a moral police, I love women dressing and looking sexy and all…But what is the cover saying…Rani is in her bedroom, getting ready to wear a blouse, before her return?!? Props for the props, jewelry, makeup and photoshopping…

  47. The styling is quintessential Sabya, but it is the lighting and the photography that is so average. It does no justice to the clothes and definitely NOT to Rani. Not to mention Rani does look like a deer trapped in front of headlights in more than a few frames. Wonder why? Why strip Rani on the cover? Sure she’s lost oodles of weight but not enough to do a Bips or Shilpa. Those lovehandles are just for the bedroom….;)

    • hiya juno, im squinting and squinting to see where are the love handles on rani that you are talkin about? care to point them out?


  48. Based on the reactions I would say the photoshoot was definitely a success. Props and congratulations to the stylists, creative directors and makeup/hair artists! Love the shoot. I think the bottom left pic does look like Rani is a bit spaced out, but it’s also a little chilling and haunted. I was shocked to see that people didn’t like this shoot! I was blown away by it I think she looks soo incredibly beautiful. I guess people just can’t handle girls being clicked in a bra it automatically makes them cringe…I think she looks really good and I really like this shoot. Finally a shoot with some INTEREST and not just a boring “I’m an actress, I’m so hot, I’m so pretty” shoot where it’s just the actress promoting herself rather than actually being “FASHION” if you know what I mean.

    • woah!!! i was out for a day and this post has 116comments!!!! the only other celeb who does 116 comments is ASH! so now you people know that ranis league ia wayyyy above kangna, priyanka or sonam kapoor

      i love the shoot and the vintage feel of it. absolutely love the way rani looks.

      i dunno what.. i guess this site has a thing against bras… lol. i ve noticed it a lot of times, bras under transparent clothing is NONO, bra straps showing on strapless dresses are NONO. bras showing with spags are a NONO. i mean who sets these standards? and why are these standards extrapolated to everyone else?

    • But that’s the point. She IS an actress…NOT a model! I think people should stick to their talents…otherwise they end up looking horribly uncomfortable.

      • yo preeths..
        nobody is against “bra” but mostly every body is against bra being used as a blouse with a sari… i’m too young to have worn sari too many times but i still don’t like it being paired with a sari…how wud it feel if stars wear it with salwar and dupatta tomorrow???

  49. i think u ppl r being way to harsh on rani….wats wrong if she wants to show off her body????kareena wore a bikini wen she got in shape all bollywood actresses r showin off their bodies nowadaz bcoz thts wat u ppl wanna see…byda way i didnt noticed da bra on her i just noticed it in ur comments hahaha even thoug m not a fan of rani but if she wants to change her image she has a rite to!!!i was sik n tird of watchin her in indian outfits.

  50. since m a photographer to i can totally understand the theme y shes not smiling n giving straight poses…this is wat they wantd to get the blouse n jewellary get noticed…

  51. Definitely not feeling this shoot, Rani always looks a lot better in more “happy” shoots. Even though her body looks great, I think she looks tacky and her face just seems blank.

  52. Okay, apart from the bra, I don’t get the vibe of trying too hard or looking uncomfortable. She looks so fine, makes me want to get a red lipstick.

  53. Btw, I am suprised to see so many comments. I don’t think it’s revolting with everything put together and the way it’s shot. If Rani had worn bikini with Balmain jacket like Gisele did, then the comments might reach 200 or something like that. LOL. Chill.

  54. What I fail to understand is how is Kareena Kapoor in a bikini flaunting her size 0 figure is very different from Rani in a bra? Just because someone decides to call it a Bikini top does not stop it being what it is; which is a piece of clothing covering your boobs. Why does Kareena get lauded and Rani get slaughtered like this?

    • because probably the way they’re presented.
      I think the whole fact that Rani doesn’t look as confident and comfortable as Kareena did makes the biggest difference.

    • well if you compare Kareena in a bikini and Rani in a bikini, you’ll find the answer. Even Deepika wears bikini tops very often, but for Rani it looks totally out of place and falls flat.

  55. This cover is a shame, because it is as though Rani has become desperate to get some attention. The outfit does not compliment her figure at all! her top looks like a cheap bra..everything just looks so out of place.

  56. Oh god. I can’t believe that people can’t seemto grasp the idea of this shoot. To all those saying she looks blank and unonfident – SHE IS MEANT TO BE. Do you all think that photoshoots should be all HAPPY with the women grinning and eating candyfloss?

    There was a point to this shoot. It showcases the jewellery.. It’s a very arty shoot. If you were expecting her to be smiling and laughing, you’re best reading Seventeen or something.

    • Very well said – unfortunately that is the aesthetic of a lot of folks on here. Which is why something even slightly challenging draws comments like these. Well, I guess now they can all go back to oohing and aahing over bling fests and Birkin bags.

  57. It is a photoshoot for sakes…some of us like it, some don’t. Obviously, our aesthetics greatly vary from each other. Our comments are just that — our said opinion AND will not affect RANI or the magazine sales(maybe a tad bit) in anyway. So why are we going after each other?!? To each, his/her own.