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Promotions for Hichki in Dubai saw Rani in a white Zimmermann top paired with cropped denims and her lace Dolce & Gabbana pumps. She looked nice. Having said that though, I’ll admit I am a bit conflicted. Part of me is liking that she is keeping it low-key but part of me is also feeling a wee bit underwhelmed.

Rani Mukerji

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  1. I know what you mean, but these low key appearances are kind of refreshing for me. These days every look SO stylised by other people, I feel like people are losing their individuality in the process.

  2. Low key looks good here.Though agree it is a bit underwhelming .
    We are so used to stars dress up in a way thats not accessible to us.
    This look can be recreated by us mere mortals in a heartbeat ( top / bottom wear easily sourced from kohls/macys)
    We need their dressing to be a bit high end for sure :)

  3. She looks much better here. Glad she lost those ghastly boots. Having said that, the slip/ bra peeking through under the lace was avoidable.

  4. This entire promo tour, I’ve thought Rani’s stylist of the moment really hates her, dressing her up in clothes that suit her the least. Boots make her small frame appear even stumpier, the skinny denims emphasise her not-lean figure, the twee tops — such as this one — seem she is desperately seeking to look younger. Rani is a gorgeous, gorgeous woman with a personality and a voice — why would not want to play that up in well-tailored clothes that become her?


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