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At promotions of Hichki on Sunday, Rani did formal in a printed top paired with a linen white blazer and light brown pants. Waist up, she looked nice. The deal breaker for us though were the pants. The length was a bit off and the bad hem job, a bit distracting.

Anyone know if she is using a stylist? Pretty sure she is.

Rani Mukerji at Hichki Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I like the look but not the clothes. Even if I were to wear this to work, I would still look dull.
    Rani should wear midi dresses.
    The hair style definitely needs an upgrade.

  2. White blazers somehow mostly looking like lab coats to me :( case in point, all Rani needs is a stethoscope to look like a doctor on the sets of Greys Anatomy

  3. Hi P&P! Don’t know if this is the right platform to say this but I just feel that you have become too slow in your reportage lately…most of the high profile looks from high profile events are covered many days later, by which time we are blue in the faces seeing those looks splashed all across the internet ad nauseam. Case in point – Kareena’s looks from LFW
    Please understand P&P- it is your sight that we all come to for true sartorial discussions, please don’t deprive us of that pleasure :)

    • HI Sefora, we aren’t planning to run Kareena from LFW anyways. We split our content over Instagram and the website and we posted her over there. Do follow if you are not. So if you are here for just her, it’s not happening. :)
      Also, we are a small team of three and will continue to remain small. If that means we can’t cover everything, so be it. Our goal is is that if we are covering something and giving an opinion, it is OUR opinion and not one that is to please the industry folks.

      • Payal, makes me sad to see such a rude comment. I’ve always admired your guys’ site and i guess there is no need for “customer service” but why rub people the wrong way when you could just chose to be nicer in your comments? I feel like Priyanka doesn’t seem to engage in such behavior.

        • I wasn’t being rude but explaining how we are and are going to be. We cannot cover everything ourselves and just setting the record straight as to what to expect. We try to do as best we can and of course, will not be able to please everyone. We understand that. But, at some point, we have to also prioritize ourselves before the site. That’s all.

          • I understand all of that, especially since I think you have a day job as well. What you guys do for your readers is amazing and we appreciate it. Maybe it wasn’t your intention but the tone of your comment came off really ill-intentioned and looking at the amount of dislikes, must have rubbed others the wrong way too. That’s all.

      • Okay, I understand. It is your site and you are free to post whatever you want, whenever you want :)
        I do follow you on instagram but there you usually post one liner captions with the celeb name and designer. It is for you detailed critique that we all love your posts and visit your site :)

    • I guess we are not allowed to provide constructive criticism….I felt you were polite the way you brought it up…the response should have been in the same tone as well. I hope they do understand that all the advertising revenue etc is because of the readers who like the content. So if someone suggests something, it is not totally out of the laeuge. However, they did post your comment so kudos to Payal for that. They could have simply deleted it.

  4. Most disconnected look. I would be shocked if it involves a stylist. The little argument in the comments is much more fun that this look:p


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