Ranbir and Deepika: Uncovered

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The L’Officiel’s third edition of Undercover Brides has the love-birds Ranbir and Deepika on it. While, Ranbir was attired in Lanvin, Dior Homme, Moschino Uomo and a Rohit Bal vest, Deepika wore a gorgeous Gaurav Gupta gown.

Its amazing how fabulous the gown looks on the cover vs on the mannequin. Instant love is what I feel for the magazine version!


Ranbir and Deepika, L’Officiel India October 2008


Gaurav Gupta Collection at Chamomile


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  1. deepika looks soo cute after a looong time- just the hair being brushed back made a huge difference the gown of course is to die for… hehe ranbir looks cute but funny like he’s helplessly in love with her:-)

  2. Deepika looks ravishing!!

    But Ranbir looks pathetic….he looks like a complete mama’s boy…hiding his head on her bosom and clutching her dress….

  3. Ranbir looks like a terminally ill patient, who Deepika has crawled into bed with to comfort.
    that’s just on ranbir’s side, deepika looks gorgeous.

  4. ah! she’s lying on the ruffly side of the gown so we see the plainer side.. that’s why the gown looks good.. And the gown’s trying to be a sari as well so it looks a bit weird.. and Ranbir looks creepy.. hehe

  5. Am I the only one who felt the posing is all wrong… Deepika is looking maternally possessive! Ranbir looks younger than her in any case so they shudve aged him up a bit..?


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