The Bow-Tie Brigade

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These men, each of whom I’ve had a major crush on at one point or another, chose to wear bow-ties to the GQ Men Of The Awards tonight. Now, I’d like to say they all looked amazing but sticking out like a sore thumb was Ranbir. Hated the suit, the hair and the scruffy look.

My favorite? Rahul, but of course!

P.S. John was presented with the GQ Legend Award and presented the Cinematic Icon Award to Aamir. Rahul hosted the awards function and Ranbir won the Chivas Presents Actor Of The Year Award.

Rahul Khanna, Aamir Khan, John Travolta and Ranbir Kapoor
GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. rahul is so damn hot (and cute at the same time ) that he’ll probably look better than shilpa shetty even in a sari….the guy is killer!!!
    amir given his height couldnt have looked better than this :)
    trovolta looks ok and ranbir probably wore his dad’s old suit by mistake( looks so ill fitted) and why the hell these guys dont shave??? x-(

  2. unfortunately, that hair is for Ranbir’s new movie ROCKSTAR, he himself doesnot like it much … so u can see him wear his cap in most of the events… didnot like it :( though i love him !

    Rahul looks yum !

    • Thanks for that info. Saw him in sa re ga ma yday and was wondering why the cap.

      Looking at these pics, i was just thinking, how boring is men’s fashion ! Its like a uniform they are wearing.

      But rahul and amir shine.

  3. Honestly Rahul looks alright to me here – he’s looked far better in other appearances. But then what do I know lol. As for Aamir – he’s just plain cute. Ranbir and his date (or so I assumed) PC both looked bleh. Fashion police should be putting both of them behind the bars.

  4. Rahul – yum!
    Aamir – looks good.
    Travolta – at an Indian event, that’s nice!
    Ranbir – can’t stand the piping on the suit, looks as if he is part of a hotel band. Look forward to his movie though.

  5. Though I HATE bow ties on men, aamir looks the best in this as bow ties look fine on short men. also one needs to be immaculately well groomed to carry this look so well, thumbs up to aamir.
    Ranbir is far cooler in casuals.


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