On The Ramp: Part Deux

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While Lilette and Ira Dubey walked for Mirari & Sons in Gauri and Nainika, Queenie walked alongside her showstopper Dino (wearing a locket from her design) in a Vizyon design. Both gowns seemed much too long for the ladies (Lilette and Queenie) with them holding it up with their hands and it didn’t translate well in pictures. Adding to the gown woes was Lilette’s hair, it looks so badly done. Ira, on the other hand looked great in her short number.

You’ll remember Suzanne wearing the same gown Lilette (with the rosette detail) has on for Farah Khan Ali’s show at the Couture Week Jewellery show held last year (see here).

Lilette and Ira Dubey (for Mirari)
At India International Jewellery Week

Left: Vizyon, Resort 2010
Right Queenie Singh with Dino Morea (for Queenie for Giantti) India International Jewellery Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Dino needs to take off those shades. Gah the man is a show stopper. Doesn’t mean u have to make ppl stop the show to take those shades away from u!

  2. Lilette’s hair and gown is bad. Ira looks good in the second picture ..maybe her pumps were a size big. Queenie looks Dolly Partonish and thanks to dino cougarish. Would love to see her dress down some day.

  3. Lilette Dubey is a gorgeous woman – and she’s been doing theatre almost all her life so mad props to her. Apparently someone thinks she’s not attractive enough to be on the ramp – I wonder how attractive someone would have to be to please such nitpickers.

    • I can’t remember which film of Lilette’s I saw her in, but I’ve liked her acting since then. I think she’s awesome and she is definitely a beautiful woman!!

  4. I watched one of Lilette Dubeys plays and apparently shes 56!! WOW that woman is gorgeous for her age!
    And I love the model with the shaved head, especially because she seems an exception amongst Indian models & actresses who generally tend to play it safe. Totally fierce girl!
    The man looks like a wannabe to be honest. I wish some1 would tell Indian men to button up their shirts and take of their sunglasses when indoors, nothing spells tacky more quickly than these two things. Anywhere else in the world and every1 else would be calling him a creep instead of drooling over him. The women on the ramp are all beautiful tho.


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