On An Aside: PCD On Jimmy Fallon

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A few weeks ago, we had reported about Pussycat Dolls releasing a remix version of A.R. Rahman’s ‘Jai Ho’. Well, last night, the ladies performed their single for the first time on the “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” show.

For her part, to add a dash of ethnic, lead singer Nicole wrapped a dupatta around her while the rest just wore regular outfits. Considering it is the Dolls, we are talking about, I really have no comments on Nicole’s outfit. ;)

You can watch their performance below.

Pussycat Dolls on the ‘Late Show With Jimmy Fallon”


Pussycat Dolls on the ‘Late Show With Jimmy Fallon”


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  1. 1. So, what was that song about, exactly?
    2. Notice how the other four girls hold mics but never sing into them…interesting…

    well anyway, I suppose the dupatta looks nicer in the dimmer lights, but in the second picture it’s unflattering.

  2. Nicole sure has a great body !
    So envious. =/

    Well the song is really great !

    Speaking od the dupatta wrapped around her upper chest is not very flattering in bright lighting because you can see her inner-wear. But in the dimmed lights she does pull it off. She should of just wore as indian blouse instead.

  3. i like the concept of how she wore the dupatta. but i just wish she didn’t stand with her boobs sticking out like that and her shoulder’s pushed back. it makes an innocent dupatta look extremely vulgar and unflattering. why do i get the feeling that we are going to see several unflattering renditions of indian clothes among the westerners now? i hope they learn how to carry the clothes well though, otherwise that would be really sad.

  4. after watching the video i think she ruined the song….i dont like it at all. the way she wore the dupatta is somehow interesting, but i hope people dont make indian clothing look vulgar.

  5. i agree with anita..
    remember mallika sherwat at the premiere of her movie with jackie chan? she wore that white lengha-thing which was not quite a lengha..

    the song is a-ok, nothing to write home about!

  6. hehehehehehe … the Fug Girls wrote a very funny post about this one (having to do with Ash and Frieda)
    …well, she has great abs
    and to think she was my favorite back in her “Popstars” days

  7. oh my god! nicole has such an AMAZING body. and so pretty too.
    would it be asking for too much that she didnt strut around all her stuff like that?

  8. Everyone is saying she looks like Shilpa, maybe the body but not the face.

    Actually I first though this was Bipasha untill I played the video and read the writing properly. With those shades on she really looks like her.

    I Like the sogng on the whole its nice to listen too, but when you actually hear the lyrics, I HATE that they have turned a beautiful song into something so gross and overly sexual.

    As for ruining an indian look, well they did worse with rocky S saree, well atleast 1 of them did by wrapping it round her to make it into a short skirt.

    This dupatta look actually looks good for a popstar stage outfit.

  9. I am glad Nicole has such a fit body because if she didn’t (ditto the rest of the girls) we might just realise how utterly talentless and pointless the PCD’s are.

  10. She’s doesn’t look vulgar, nor is she making the dupatta look inappropriate. They’re a burlesque group!! They’re job is to look sexy and pretend to sinnnnnggg.

    Besides, Nicole always looks fit in whatever she wears…even if its just a dupatta ;)


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