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At the reception, giving us a respite from all the designer-wear was Priyanka in her gold banarasi sari. Matching green bindi, a dark red lip and traditional jewelry rounded out the actor’s look.

Even though her blouse matched the double-shaded sari, wish she picked one in a darker, more saturated color. Also, given the sari and blouse, the lighter red of her necklace stood out rather starkly. Introduction of a whole new color in to the mix seemed unnecessary. Wish she stuck to either plain gold jewelry or darker rubies.

Nice as she looked, Ms. Chopra could’ve really done better.

Priyanka Chopra At Kohli-Sharma Reception

Priyanka Chopra At Kohli-Sharma Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Why don’t they know how to drape a sari?? It looks like a column instead of the hour glass shape it should be. The stiff and lifeless hair is not helping also:/

  2. The sari is two toned red and gold. In the video you can see the same red underside as the beads on the necklace. I think it all came together rather well in sea of cold shoulders, sequins, tassels and assorted bling.

  3. The problem factor here actually is the heavy white make up and maroon red lip shade. Competes with the traditional feel of the sari, lighter softer make up would have been just right.

  4. The hair wrong and as usual her make up team is in the whitewashing mode since she is in India. Pity, this look had so much potential.

    There are pics circulating where she is standing with her mom…her mom looks great!

  5. I don’t like this look at all . It’s garish and untidy with so many colours which don’t really go together
    Add to that the harsh white washed make up . It’s not a feminine elegant look at all


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