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Her previous outing might not have been quite up to par but Priyanka finished out the night on a high note. At the Disney TCA Tour, she was spotted in a Versace dress, one that she wore with a braid. The hairdo I must add was quite unexpected. The actor who seems to be in a metallic phase, finished out this look too with a metallic clutch and pumps.

While I really liked this look, I have a feeling not everyone will. Am curious to know how many of you didn’t. Comment away and let us know!


Priyanka Chopra at Disney TCA Tour

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  1. As usual, PC is over the top. She does not know the meaning of less is moreover. Cut away in cleavage area with strange crisis-cross straps AND short hem AND side slit?!! Side fish tail braid is new and at least hair is off her face, but the braid is frizzy and messy. While eye make-up is soft and clean (new for her), I am not a fan of the salmon color lipstick. Fail.

  2. Typo in previous entry… Less is more, I meant to say. I forgot to add, she should have gone for more conservative look. This is a DISNEY event, after all.

  3. Not liking the dress,it looks off balanced for some reason.Maybe if it was full length it would have worked.That said,Priyanka is werking the hell out of the dress !

  4. Gorgeous! I am so loving the classy look with a bit of peep show and the way she has styled it! Even the outfit is very unique and it belongs totally to PC.

  5. Love this look. As peoples above mentioned, looks like lara croft because of the braid, warrior princess like etc. Wonder if the fierce braid was purposeful, to bring this out? Especially love how the strap across the chest area looks like the strap of an arrow holster. Glad she hasn’t done those one-sided hair pinned looks. Makes her look like 90’s warsha usgaonkar/ madhuri dixit, and not in a good way. On another note, girl’s killin it on the other side of the globe. Proud of her!

  6. OMFG she looks smoking hot. This is how you do a revealing outfit and yet keep it classy.

    P.S. I hope the dress came with an instruction manual :-)

    • +1. Lol-instruction manual. But then I think busty people will have bit of a trouble working that. Keeping one’s body type in mind is crucial. ;)

  7. What an improvement from the BAFTA appearance. Looks fantastic! Minor gripe: would have gone with some sexy strappy heels. Aside from that, the hair and make up were good and she owned that dress!


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