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Priyanka went green in a Manish Malhotra sari at the NDTV Greenies Eco Awards held today in New Delhi. Anyone think the middle-parted hair looks off on her. I wish once Priyanka would embrace an updo.

Priyanka Chopra In Manish Malhotra at NDTV Greenies Eco Awards 2010

Photo Credit: Twitter, NDTV

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  1. The sari is gorgeous, but honestly Priyanka looks quite ordinary! The only thing that makes her look pretty is her charming personality…and yes, you guys are bang on, the parting doesn’t suit her!

  2. She just has too many hair……i wonder how she can even accomodate extensions,her hair is like BIG…….my sis has the same problem bt her head is small so it kinda balance itself out…cnat say the same abt Pri,her head looks(@times) even bigger tahn her waist which is effin small(sayin dat totally outta jealousy).

    • Honestly, I think she’s wearing a bad wig. I don’t understand her hair issues – I remember in Kaminey and in earlier films like Bluffmaster she had a full head of nice, thick, NATURAL hair. How did she screw it up so bad? He hair has been majorly effed up since.

  3. Priyanka looks very pretty here, hair and all. She does have great taste in saris. I love green & the sari is stunning. The gold embellishments against the green brings up my Christmas spirit.

  4. MM is really killing the saris with his OTT velvetembroderyand what you got stuff…and why don’t our Btown ladies experiment with textiles, i mean u r living in a land where the textile heritage is unbelievable. Seriously, they shud hire a separate stylist for indian clothes, someone who can look beyond the MM saris.


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