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At the InStyle Awards on Monday evening, Priyanka received the Breakthrough Style Star honor and at the event was seen in a Haider Ackmermann one-shouldered top and black zipper skirt.

Given the event, I get the reason to go for a very fashion-forward look but, did it work? I didn’t think so. I do love over-sized sleeves but here it just looked odd. Possibly because of the material that didn’t photograph too well. I also thought the wet hair and dark lip didn’t quite work with the outfit.

This one was not quite a winner. Agree?


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  1. I don’t like anything about this look at all
    The hair is so bad
    Makeup is too much … The blush .. The foundation .. Th lipstick .. Too loud !
    The sleeves is way longer than her arms … So bad

  2. The normally superbly turned out Priyanka had to come like this with the illusion of a limb missing under an over-sized sleeve.
    The irony accentuated by the fact that she is winning a ‘style’ award.

  3. And she’s highlighting her face like crazy. Seems like just yesterday we were talking about how her make up is so dark (exotic) …. as compared to when she’s walking around in Bollywood.

  4. IMHO, this is what happens when one becomes an NRI, life becomes a big mess. That make up is unprofessional, the skirt is ill fitting and the blouse is unattractive. And why has she got so much of product in her hair?

  5. Fashion forward is antonym of classic and elegant ?
    Plz reply P&P . I owe my fashion knowledge to you. You know how diligently I follow n comment here .

  6. She took a bath and on wearing her dress realised the sleeve was long and had to run to a taiker to get cut and hence couldn’t give much time for makeup… Smh.
    Not expected from PC


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