Priyanka on Harper’s Bazaar: (Un)Covered

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Wowza! was our reaction at seeing Ms. Chopra on Bazaar India’s Jan-Feb cover. She looks fierce!


Left: Dolce & Gabbana, Fall 2012
Right: Priyanka Chopra on Harper’s Bazaar

Photo Credit: Style

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  1. Lion with no mustache, stuffed corpse…let me add cross-eyed parakeet to the list! No offense to Priyanka since anyway it isn’t her face at all! I just can’t – look at the gap between her nose and her lips!

  2. Height of Photoshopping. Why do these ppl even bother to take photos of actors and models for their cover ? They can very well create a desired image and call it Priyanka or Katrina or Sonam based on whom they have tried to create. :-/

  3. Indian magazines have teh worst photoshop department,its not the amount bt jus the way they do it, i can jus imagine her real face with this pose n dress n la di dah n she looks gorgeous,now its jus a chipmunk(pls approve,no offence emant to PC<worship her)that jus turned into PC.

  4. The cover looks fierce… But the credit goes to Photoshopping, I know enuff was said already on that here, but I wanted to add for sure :P

  5. whats going on with her nose/ eyes / eyebrows ? something is very wild… looks like the photoshop guys took junglee billi too literally..

  6. Plus that’s her skintone after 20 litres of bleach, yeah.
    And her eyes just got morphed into almond eyes suddenly?
    I wonder if the actors encourage this kinda photoshopping themselves.. I mean, c’mmon don’t you have a say in how you’re being portrayed?!


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