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After spending Christmas and New Year’s with their family, Priyanka and Nick flew to the Caribbean for alone time and shared this picture from their vacation where the newly wed Priyanka was seen in a floral Caroline Constas strapless dress.

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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

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  1. Nick to PC- lets play tag, i go first OK.
    PC to Nick-caught you already !

    Happy friday :) the dress is alright not much to write home about..

  2. Except the cheap looking heels (which are definitely not cheap at all), she looks SMASHING! She fills out the dress, and the hair, and whole demeanor just adds to the beauty. Wow

  3. Alright we know how much you love each other and how great you look together ,you don’t have to share pics of your alone time, and gown is cute she is looking cute just no comments on posing lol

  4. I have logistical questions. PC has been on the road since her wedding. From mountains to beaches. How is she planning her wardrobe? Especially since it looks like she isn’t repeating any outfits? Is it a buy and discard policy? Or are clothes being sent to her and then she ships them back? So many questions!!

    • True. Also few other questions. Do they take their, stylist, hair stylist, makeup artist and nanny (in case of celebs who have kids) with them wherever they go like Rajasthan, Karnataka, Europe etc? And who buys their tickets for all these people?

        • For example, they went to Ambani daughter’s wedding in Rajasthan. Did they take their team too with them? And who bears the tickets for such events?

          • So most makeup artists do makeup for multiple folks when it comes to a destination wedding, so I am not sure how that works. Hoping an insider will let us know. ;)

          • LOL…they travel chartered planes (as per Insta), the don’t need to buy tickets! Also Ambanis sent planes and airport pickup for all guests

    • Nannies and stylists travel with big stars.. stylists will do all the arranging of clothes, putting together the personal or lended stuff from designers. For personal outings only nannies and domestic staff accompanies. Unless they want media to know what’s up and yet act discreet =p don’t know about paying, assuming since the stylists are employed by stars at that point so all work travel is on stars expense.

      • When Tampa hosted the IIFA awards in 2014, we heard from local organizers that some of the big stars brought in an entourage of their people – stylists, make up, trainers and even a dietitian/nutritionist. They are all paid by the star but the star charges the event sponsor to attend the award. In some cases the sponsor will take on limited expenses like transportation, security, hotel etc. The rest is on the star. The not-so-big names have access to a local make up studio/stylists etc and typically travel with their managers tops 1-2 people. We also heard that local department store stylists were hired weeks in advance to furnish clothes at the hotels they were staying at. MAC had make up and hair stylists upwards of 20+ to help the stars, they had to be booked by the stars ahead of time. We heard Deepika had a group of 9 people with her and remained totally elusive. Needless to say, it was very interesting to see this event up close. Again a lot of this is hearsay but made sense on some levels..

        • Hmmm calls for a special (post) on the behind the scenes guys.. stars, make up n hair artists.. I’d like to know the style curators/spoilers. Lately there’s no originality left or seen in stars, all stylist jobs.


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