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Priyanka grabbed dinner with Nick in Mumbai on Friday evening where she was seen wearing gingham A.L.C separates paired with white top handle bag and gold hoops.

Shop the separates here and here.

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      • Hello Miss. Pissed off,

        Of course Priyanka is a copy cat, not just this look…. many others. Ever since she is in Hollywood she has no individual dressing sense at all. Before that when she was in India, she used to wear tight body cons with heavy makeup…. now that’s her personal dressing sense I think.

        • Btw, it’s called evolving and good stylists. Deepika, Kangana, Anushka – no one used to dress as well as they do now. And you think people in Hollywood (i.e. Taylor Swift) don’t have stylists? They were born on a runway with authentic personal dressing sense? How lovely.

          – Not so “grey”.

          • Most have a personal dressing with or without stylist. It’s just that some have good dressing sense and many even with help of stylists have tacky dressing sense. And Priyanka like many doesn’t have a good dressing sense. They just want to be in the business by hook or crook, so they copy the looks of highly fashionable people in Hollywood. That’s it.

            • Well I agree with you, but I don’t think she has bad dressing sense anymore. Like the tight dresses phase you speak of ended a looong time ago. And that wasn’t her personal dressing sense either – they had stylists even back then. Either way, I think she’s improved for the better and it’s not really got to do with what others in Hollywood are wearing so much as the fact that she’s being styled by the same stylists.


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