From Runway To Photo Shoot To Real Life

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Those of you who hadn’t checked out the more pics from the LV event might have missed that Genelia attended the event wearing the same Vuitton dress that was seen on Priyanka on the Verve India Dec cover. I loved Ms. D’Souza from head to toe.

For more pics of Genelia and a full-length, go Here. Thanks ‘Divya’ for the link.


Left: Louis Vuitton, Fall 2009
Center: Priyanka Chopra on Verve India Dec 2009
Right: Genelia D’Souza at Louis Vuitton Launch, Mumbai

Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

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  1. What is there to love? LV makes fugly clothes and should stop now. That dress looks like a hot mess and would be rejected even on Project Runway.

    • she looks Gorgeous and flawless ! , I’m from the UK and if you guys have a problem and think that project runway would reject this ,then you all can switch on some real new 2010 fashion programs , we are over the 80’s guys !! wake up she looks hooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttt ! live with it !

  2. Can anyone clarify for me if this is 1 dress or a top/skirt combo. I wud love to get my hands on the skirt … if its a skirt.
    the dress in its entirety reminds me of “lost in space” reruns.
    genelia has great hair… is that real or a wig?

  3. there are very few times i do not like something on genelia, and this is not one of them :)
    kangana was also wearing the same dress for this event, except for a different color – beige.

  4. Perfection. I want this dress so bad!! The clutch is actually nice too, Usually I don’t lind LV bags/clutches as they look tacky.
    The colour of the skirt is gorgeous and Genelias hair is sexy too!!

  5. I am not a big fan of the top, but there is everything to love about the skirt. anyway, i am just glad that bollywood babes have started dressing quintessentially.

  6. Genelia looks amazing!! LOVE that dress.
    I also love her hair – looks so fresh.
    However I agree with Varsha – she should have a smaller clutch.

  7. Ok, so disagree.

    This looks like an episode of ‘Pimp my Ride … and then Rip Off the Jazzed-up Carseat to Pimp my Blouse, Too!’

    Genelia has a killer smile, which salvages some.

  8. Well, Genelia can carry off nething with her smile and countenance. She looks really good as always, but also I think its more of an editorial dress. I had really liked PC on the cover when the mag was out.

  9. Does anyone know what that clutch is called? I can’t find it on the LV website and it isn’t in the runway collection section either.


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