In Two Avatars

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How do you like your ‘Priyanka Chopra’, dressed-up or dressed-down?


Left: At The Police Diwali Show
Right: While Promoting ‘Fashion’

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. oh i was excited to see PC in along flowy dress. but alas! such a pretty dress but she is not carrying it well…so doesn’t look good. I don’t like skinny jeans on her.

  2. shes boring dressingwise but i absolutely loved her in fashion..i think karishma kapoor and deepika can beat em all..!!!aishwarya is also in boring land these days!!

  3. She seems like a bobble head in both the pics..something looks really weird..her face is really puffy…and those jeans seems to be her favorite…

  4. never have liked her much except for her voice.. i think her figure is out of this world..and that is not meant as a compliment.. how can someone have such a tiny waist and such tiny proportions?? i know .. most of you will say she is not thin but fit.. i dont call this fit, i call this skinny and thinny..

    oh, what was the question.. ahh.. well , neither..:)

  5. Surbhi she is not skinny, you want skinny see the models. She is not skinny becos for Fashion Madhur asked her to lose 7 kgs. She is tall and propotionate for her height, her head is a bit big…always has been, and it does not help that her hair is not slick and straight but cut in steps adding to the size of her face.

  6. dont care for either
    the makeup in both is awful

    but if i had to pick on i’d go for the one on the right (def not casual with the amount of makeup she has on) just cause the dress is terrible!

  7. Funny how she always has the SAME expression is ALL her pics!
    Here too, in both the pics, she has the same expression…if that doesn’t define safe and boring…I don’t know what else does!

  8. she needs a new stylist ! pleaasee! and both the pics just looks the same except for the dress.. same pose same expression! she was a miss worlddd , where is all her glamour!

  9. She’s really skinny and she has very boyish hips and naturally thick hair which adds to the top heavy “bobble”-head look. I think the angle for the picture on the right makes her legs look a lot shorter. She just needs to show more personality. She’s back in the 90s where all actresses had to do was smile demurely for the camera. Now they should be stylish and more approachable and personable in their expressions. This smug, small smile that she always sports is neither approachable nor personable


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