In Dolce & Gabbana

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Unlike the men who did desi, Priyanka went the dress route donning another Dolce & Gabbana. The black and white flared dress was paired with Aruna Seth sandals.

It was a good look but I find the nude sandals a bit of a snooze.


Priyanka Chopra at ‘Gunday’ In Conversation Event at Dubai Film Festival 2013

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. Please remove your pop up ad for the wedding. It is really annoying. I normally check out your site using my phone and I just couldn’t close the ad Please please remove the ad.

    • I agree with Sonia about the wedding ad, but also, P&P, the ads seem to be taking up more and more space since i started reading this blog 3 years ago. Is it going to be routine practice now to have ads as the header AND footer for each post? Because they’re quite an eyesore. The side panel of ads is fine, you glance through and if anything looks interesting, you click. Simple and quite unobtrusive.

  2. Love it! The shoes are chunky yes, but they are perfect for this look because of the straps (no ordinary nude sandals, obviously). Very subtle, but good styling work here, imo. Kudos to her team on the last few outings!

  3. The dress looks like a fancy tablecloth but it does look good on PC. Absolutely hate the shoes with this dress though, completely the wrong choice!

  4. The length of the dress makes it look like a medieval frock, complete with that messy side ponytail. Tie a red scarf and hand her a basket and she is ready to play little red riding hood. ..

  5. Your website changes are now seriously messing with your reader base. The popups are annoying, the pictures don’t load and the website is just not aesthetically appealing anymore. The comment page is downright ugly. This is a website about aesthetic beauty, isn’t it? Shouldn’t it be a little more pleasing? There are also far too many advertisements all over the site. What gives? It looks like you don’t care what we think.

  6. She looks lovely. ButI find the dress length awkward maybe because of the chunky shoes. She should have just gone with some black strappy high heels.


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