Priyanka On Cosmo: (Un)Covered

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The 12th anniversary issue of Cosmopolitan has Priyanka on the cover in a Mango dress. Too simple a dress for an anniversary issue or just right?

P.S. The original dress isn’t available online anymore, the one featured is a slight variation.

Left: Priyanka Chopra On Cosmopolitan
Right: Mango Vichyto Dress

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  1. I’m not liking the cover very much. For an anniversary issue it looks very plain and blah. Priyanka looks ok… but she’s not rocking the cover at all. Maybe the dress is too plain – or her smile seems a bit forced.. but atleast she’s not doing her patent pose (one hand over her head)!

  2. That’s a quintessential Piggy chop’s dress these days, anyhow I don’t mind it. It’s kinda like a lbd and you can never go wrong w/ an lbd, right? She kinda blends into the cover though :/ but that could just be the picture quality of the cover?


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