In Bottega Veneta

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In her Bottega Veneta pastel look, Priyanka threw us quite the curveball on Saturday evening at the Hammer Museum’s 15th Annual Gala. Not only was the color of the outfit a departure from her usual pick but the eye-makeup too! I, for one, absolutely loved it!

Did you too? I am curious to know. Do tell!

Priyanka Chopra at Hammer Museum’s 15th Annual Gala

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  1. Nope. All her appearances after moving to Hollywood have been so underwhelming. I just don’t get her choice of clothes, hair or make up…at all!
    I really like her attitude but her style not so much

  2. What’s going on with the dress? The jacket resembles a house coat.

    Also, when she is in the US she embraces her natural skin tone to look “ exotic” but when in India her make up artists go into the whitewashing mode. It’s so silly.


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