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Spotted Priyanka Chopra doing ‘casual’ and doing it well as she arrived in Mumbai from the recently concluded IIFA Awards in Macau! Love how she successfully put together black, navy and white, a tricky combination at best!

P.S: That bag makes it the third Burberry sighting this IIFA season! While we like how P.C wears her bag, not particularly fond of the bag itself! Far more lustworthy white bags out there in that price range!


Priyanka Chopra At The Mumbai Airport


Burberry Cartridge Pleat Lowry Bag

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. …how are black navy and white tricky…?
    anyways, she looks so pretty without (most of) her makeup, such a pretty girl :)
    and she looks normal enough for an airport, my only qualm is that the scarf blends into the top, another color (or perhaps a print!) would have made the look perfect

  2. @ pdaervo.. im thinking cuz some ppl think ur an idiot who couldn’t tell the diff between black n navy n think u got dressed in the dark lol… thats my guess..? I kinda wish the bag was grey, but I don’t have many complaints here! She looks comfortable and casually put together, a lot better than when she tries! beautiful!

  3. She looks sweet, but the scarf kinda ruins it for me; it makes her look lanky, as if she is leaning over and hunching. And the bag is a tad too white (it should’ve been grey, I agree).

  4. Sometimes simple jeans and a nice top can make u look fab…. u dont need high heeled boots or sunglasses or heavy makeup ( as we have seen on some other celebs) to look good while travelling. Priyanka gets it right this time.

  5. Did she do something with her hair? Her hair was so different in that Manish Malhotra peek a boob saree. Did she remove her extensions?

  6. For someone with all the right components to be a total knock out… she somehow comes across as very very girl next door. Too girl next door. I understand she is very casual here (and I don’t think black, navy and white is a tricky combination when the navy happens to be a denim looking type of pants) but still it doesn’t look like this is a picture of an A list celebrity. It looks like a picture of one of my friends or something.

  7. I do black, navy and white all the time! That isnt tricky at all. And i love PC here, she looks so pretty! But how i wish that bag was a Bottega Veneta. :(

  8. She looks gorgeous and perfectly dressed for a flight! it’s awful when people are overly dressed in airports. And the bag is nice.

  9. @koel, her hair is usually bigger and longer, so i think she does wear extensions. and all this time i was jealous, thinking that it was her natural hair.

  10. Dang!! Look at those claws (PC’s)
    But, She does look nice here. After such a tiring weekend, everyone has the right to dress down, especially when they just got off the PLANE! In fact, I would say, why high heels?Just wear Flip Flops or some comfy shoes. :)
    Go Priyanka!

  11. Uhmm I think her peep toes are navy non?
    She needs to sort that hair hair out it makes her face look a bit bloated. Otherwise its a nice relaxed look, and the heels make it a tad bit dressy : )

  12. hallo Sharin,

    look at her; she is: a total kock out, very girl next door, casual, an A-list celebrity and she could be one of your friends! she is it all, it is possible!

  13. When I see stars without makeup, I go to my mirror and kiss myself lol, I think if those makeup artist and designers can make this into a star, if they get their hands on me I will be a SUPER pretty Star, i sound so corny lol

  14. She looks cofortabl and casual… I like
    and btw this is not without makeup… its without the hair done..
    whatever… she looks comfy.. good enough for travelling.

  15. i have no idea why but i really dont like the whole look of her although i usually like Priyanka… it might be that she has such less makeup on that im not used to it or it might just be those weird pants :P

  16. agree with Sharin! she looks so ordinary here! she needs to look at victoria bekham for inspiration!
    ps: i think stars are in (and should maintain) a different league from us mere mortals! and they have no excuse to dress like us at any point in their lives! hello!? thats what they’re paid for! and it really isnt hard (especially with the number of options they have!!!)

  17. I think the length of her pants is quite awkward, makes the outfit look kind of weird.

    Btw, people on about her hair; you can’t even see the length in these pictures, it’s put up.

    Anywayy, I like her with minimal makeup.

  18. I think ‘Taupe’ by MAC, with the matt finish would probably give the same look as her lipstick…I wear it all the time…and to dress it up I put on, MAC clear lip gloss..


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