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Ask and you shall receive. Just the last post, we had asked for Priyanka to give us some looks in maxis. Not quite a maxi, the purple dress was still way inches longer than what we are normally used to seeing her in.

With the lips played down and the subtle gold sandals, the dress looked great on her. Now, if only we didn’t have the same ole curls.

Priyanka Chopra at Radio Mirchi Music Awards 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Very well put together. Love teh dress, the makeup and the shoes and just because its Priyanka you guys have to nitpick don’t you. the hair is fine IMO.

    • I agree. she does change her hair..I’ve seen her with straight hair lately..but u guys are always picking on her..she looks great here. give her a break! twinkle always has the same big hair…I have never seen her change it..yet u guys go gaga over her looks all the time. please go back to being unbiased like when u started out!

      • Ummm, she sported straight hair with those distressed denims and flimsy tees. Her dressed up hairstyle is always the same and that’s something we’d like to see change. It’s just a suggestion.

        • P+P are correct…same old boring hair with dresses and sarees.. Hope PC hears your suggestions!
          Priyanka is taking baby steps… why not leap once and for all i.e New hair, Platforms with that dress for edge…and please talk to Bipasha about leg shimmer because PC you always have grey legs!

  2. She looks great and the dress is a Like… though the ruffles on the skirt reminds me of how my maid tucks in her sari when she is working!!!!

  3. that is on ugly dress. her bust area is wierd n almost makes her look preggers..wtf? it just looks really half a**ed. na idhar ka na udhar ka. maybe if it was longer as a gown it woulda worked.

  4. PC is not an effortless style icon, she needs to work on it!
    the shoes and hair extremely out of place, outdated and unacceptable!


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