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It’s been a while since we saw Priyanka in desi-wear which is why her blue look was a refreshing change. Wish she would do it more often.

As for Ms. Kapoor, she’s been giving us non-stop desi looks this whole week and today in Indore, we got another one in an Anamika Khanna.

Left: Priyanka Chopra at Andheri Ganpati
Right: Sonam Kapoor at Mausam Promotions Indor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, SonamKFanClub

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  1. Priyanka’s suit looks so dated esp. with that spiky lace…

    On the other hand how amazing does Sonam look in that gorgeous suit of hers! She has again proved that she’s the number one when it comes to western or traditional styles…
    Totally drooling over her beautiful long black tresses…

  2. priyanka looks lovely but fashionwise its deffo sonam. kinda tricky to up the fashion level in a desi wear n sonam does it in this interesting n unique suit

  3. Priyanka’s smile is fake. It seems like she is holding back to get a perfect pout. The outfit seems to lacy for me. Anyway, Sonam’s outfit looks something different, only she can carry off that outfit.

  4. I especially like the fact that Priyanka’s is wearing a simpler outfit to the temple, not OTT attires as we have seen lately. Sonam looks lovely in that outfit too.

  5. i dont like either of the two.
    Priyanka’s suit is too simple n ill fitted nothing gr8.
    Sonam’s Suit i dont like ita bit. dont knw wt ppl r raving bout.. the design on sleeves n waist is so uncalled for.. without it the dress wud ve looked really nice.. with the embroidered upper part n plain body..


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