In Gulabo By Abu Sandeep

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Priyanka and Nick travelled to Jodhpur for their wedding on Thursday morning where the former was seen doing desi in a kurta and palazzos from Gulabo by Abu Sandeep.

Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Dude nobody attented Deepika reception in Mumbai or what? I am waiting to see what others wore?did Manish Malhotra refused to sponsor clothes or what?

  2. Dear P&P,

    I am a HHC follower for many years now.I live it so much that i rarely miss reading your posts.Off late i have noticed that you guys are really holding back your views on so many looks and posts.Internet and specially Insta is flooded with all these pics ,so its not for the pics but for your view and posts i come to HHC.No offence meant just sharing my view.

    P.S. Love and light to you girls,always

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the support. Weddings are a personal function and dressing up for it even more so. Whatever the bride/groom’s choice might be, it is one of the few occasions, we reserve our comments on this space because it is a happy occasion.

  3. Ufff… Nick.., such a cutie. He looks like how he looked in his Jealous song.
    I like that they are getting married in Jodhpur unlike other celebrity weddings in Italy. They are giving importance to India, which I like. Their wedding seems likable over others who married recently.

    • They both look lovely, agreed. Maybe we don’t need to compare them with any other couple? For the Jonas family, India IS their destination wedding; just like for an Indian another country might be considered a destination wedding. Being famous in India means the likes of Deepika, Ranveer, Anushka and Virat can expect somewhat more of a privacy in another country than their own. Priyanka, and especially Nick, enjoys more of a global recognition, so they might as well have theirs in India. This way their American friends and family can get the ‘desi’ flavor too! So why compare? Let each enjoy their own. :)

    • ‘They are giving importance to India”.. does our country need an attention from Nick Joans and Priyanka….. No citizen ever ever is bigger than the country…. They chose India because of its colourful wedding. Simple!

      • Best comment on this blog. I like to read these kind of comments over people going gaga on the superficiality, show off and fakeness of Bollywood


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