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Spotted Pria Kataria Puri in a sari from her Fall 09 collection…

While the sari was alrite on the runway, hate the way she styled it on herself… The sari itself was way too busy to even need a belt like that.

P.S: Does anyone else think this sari feels like a Tarun Tahiliani sari gone wrong, gone waaay wrong?


Left And Centre: Pria Kataria Puri At Miss India USA Pageant 2009
Right: Pria Kataria Puri Autumn 09

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. If only she had gone with a black blouse and left that odd belt at home…she would have rocked it…here she comes across as shoddy…btw,is it just me or does she have an uncanny resemblance to Katrina Kaif??? esp in that pic on the left…

  2. the belt certainly looks awkward. The eye makeup and hair on the model reminded me of a drag queen that I bumped into during the weekend.

  3. That is a lot of fabric. I mean, yes, we all know it’s literally, yards of fabric, but yet it overwhelms her in a way that saris generally don’t. Not to mention that she really brought the tacky with that belt.

  4. She’s Styled the outfit differently . something we don’t see everyday, isn’t that what fashion and setting trends is all about ?
    Pria Always looks gorgeous !

  5. no way the sari looks like taruns sari -it a stunning sari -i love the way pria has worn the sari -her syle is unique ,very different and not boring –what a change!

  6. She looks like katrina for sure ,but in the
    center pic she looks like sonam too
    Sari looks cool with the belt
    I personally like her hair and makeup , nothing wrong ,can’t see
    Why the fuss

  7. Look, alright?

    You guys may not like belt paired with the sari or whatever crap you don’t like, but these fashion designers have a tough life, okay? They’re just trying to find their style in things…so you’ve gotta let them experiment. And for each of you that doesn’t like this particular outfit, there might be another who does. Sooooo she probably doesn’t give a crap what you say. :)

  8. she looks gorgeous,the sari is wow,not sure whether she would have looked better without the belt ,she’s got style -different from your filmy lot boring safe look!

  9. i would first love to say that i adore wat shes wearing !
    she inspires me to persuade my dream and i think thats the MOST thing important NOT that shes wearing a belt !
    CHANGE is nice (: everyone has their own style and i think she works really hard and it got her that far . oh and BTW wut shes wearing is absolutely NOT hideous its her culture and her own style, her hair isnt messy its just CURLED & i think its beautiful c:
    we ALL wear makeup so dont say that she puts alot because thats not even close .


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