Recycling On The Runway

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Well, we’ve seen it happen with Manish Malhotra saris (see here) and now its happened with a Pria outfit too. Spotted a pink dress from Pria’s collection already worn by Anupama, way before! (see here). And not just that dress, we also had spotted her wear a gold number with remnants of the same print used as a wrap on the bustier.

What’s more puzzling though is, what is this dress doing on the runway of her latest collection almost a whole year later? Filler item or is Pria looking to make this a signature fabric in all of her collections?


Left: Anupama Verma, ‘Woodstock Villa’ Premiere, May 2008
Center: Cure and Care Launch, June 2008
Right: Pria Kataria Puri’s Autumn 2009 collection presented Mar 2009

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani
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  1. It is a nice fabric…although hands down I prefer it on the runway than either of Anupama’s complilations. But then again I do have a fetish for pretty dresses worn with black tights and patent shoes.

  2. That is rather odd….reminds me of how people have next’s year’s car models in advance…but I don’t think that should extend to fashion! Besides that, I am in love with this print and I think it is worn well in all three versions.

  3. Such a delight to see Anupama in sum good clothing……..aftr a long time though…… 2 agree ,c’s gt a fabulous ,fabulous body…..


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