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Ms. Goel attended the Anamika Khanna show in an outfit that felt very Jil Sander-ish. Her additions to the color-block outfit were layered gold necklaces and a studded gold clutch.

The clutch was good but having seen the runway look, the layered necklaces felt way too busy.

Prerna Goel at LFW Summer/Resort 2011 – Anamika Khanna Show

Jil Sander, Spring 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Thanks to her for accessorizing it with these beads as the outfit is way too ordinary to be even considered designer wear.

    That white tee looks like men’s inner-wear.

  2. A less busy necklace would have helped. But I’m just loving the color blocking + maxi skirt, so I’ll overlook it.

    Lets face it, Indian celebs really don’t understand the less is more school of thought. It was inevitable that the skirt was not going to be worn in the minimalist way that is meant for it. And the necklace is a lot better than some alternatives.

    I’m sure that almost any other Mumbai socialite would have decided to pair that skirt with a tacky, gaudy belt or a busy top or something equally horrendous.

  3. I like the outfit on the runway but I don’t like it all on Prerna Goel. I think it makes her look stunted and the accessories (clutch, beads) do not help. I think if she wanted to accessorize it, a good ONE chunky neckpiece (the kind Mana Shetty prefers) would have done the trick.

  4. I love!! The necklace looks great! I mean she wudve looked nice without it as well..but it with the necklace on it doesn’t disappoint either.

  5. On the other hand, I actually prefer her look over what was seen on the runway. The runway look is far too simple and uninteresting. I think this lady has made a good effort at adding a little extra to the outfit. Ofcourse, I think there are better ways to accessorize, but I applaud her effort. :)

  6. props to her for trying something different. It does not completley work but atleast it does not come across as trying to hard wannabe certain kapoor.

  7. this woman always nails it….the gold chains though are a tad too many…she is as good as kate bosworth in green-n-white jil sander :)

    n how comes she always looks so fresh faced??awesome!!


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