Wearing It Two Ways

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Spotted Preity Zinta wearing the same black belted top first with a bright long skirt in Toronto and then again in Port Of Spain with a pair of denims.

Yeah, we know that it’s not like she can’t afford to pay for excess baggage but I rather think of this as an example of saving space when travelling by carrying pieces that can be worn differently.

preity_toronto_skirt.jpg preity_jeans.jpg
Left: Unforgettable Tour Press Conference, Toronto, Canada
Right: Unforgettable Tour Press Conference, Port Of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago


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  1. You know, I am a big Aishwarya fan, but when you put Aishwarya and Preity together (or even apart) Preity has way more style and fashion sense. Aishwarya is much prettier and taller and so gets away with wearing most things, but PZ looks classy and really nice. Top marks to her.

  2. The Waistcoat-Whatever deserves a punishment unless its worn like Kate Moss…Wannabe — good one on the latter.
    and i prefer Preitys Denim-Belted shirt better,,, Boho-Skirts get to me… They just dont belong to any body type!

  3. These folks have lost baggage and/or have not had their baggage reach them on time.

    Yeah .. sometimes things like that also contribute towards having to wear the same shirt again and again.


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