Lady In Red!

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I have missed her red carpet appearances because she rarely disappoints but this one I am not quite loving. How about you?



Preity Zinta, ‘Heaven On Earth’ Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2008


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  1. I like the dress but don’t think the color looks good on the red carpet. I like the way it drapes but they could have gotten rid of the ruffles along the neck.

  2. i know it’s red but u know red really suits her
    i think she looks stunning
    but u know in some way i was wishing she will wear something dramatic but i am disappointed that she played safe
    seeing that she wears red all the time i think red is her fav, is i have to guess as she is label
    person it’s something from dior or chanel or alberta feratti

  3. well defitinitely ash’s iifa red dress is better but preity does look stunning! :) and I’m so happy the world tour is over so we get to see more of her! Yayyyy!

  4. Awwwww Preity! I love her fashion style personally. & I really the like the simple cut of the dress as well… maybe bcoz I’m a little tired of he “creative” drapes and slits Ive been seeing lately on Priyanka (tho she carries them well) and Deepika (hmm, not so much). Preity’s outfit is cute and understated. Me loves it!

  5. no 33, she is a bit younger than Ash, she is supposed to have had some work done, discreetly. But if your face is your bread and butter there is nothing wrong with that…she always liked labels, now just has more access to them…Maureen may not like the fact that the first son’s wife has her own standing in society…well respected and well liked in society…Jeh’s wife is one she can probably bully really well…

  6. it’s a great dress, it’s structured and soft at the same time. i wish i knew the designer. she’s obviously got fantastic taste in clothes but i wish this good sense extended to her film roles. i’m disappointed that she took the role of a down trodden indian wife. these types of pseudo arty films give westerners the impression that most indian women are oppressed and most indian guys are wife beaters. very irresponsible of deepa mehta and preity to make this movie. sorry for going off topic.

  7. @Adit
    do u think preity and ness will get married !!
    i mean they look great together
    i don’t know why i have a feeling that maureen doesn’t
    like her

  8. @Adit
    do u think preity and ness will get married , i mean they have been dating for 4 years
    i think they make a perfect couple ,they look quite compatible
    i have a feeling that maureen doesn’t like preity!!

  9. The gown is not that great but Preity carries it off fantastically. I love Ash but she should take some style tips from Preity when it comes to gowns. Aishu manages to look her worst at Cannes, despite having the best hair/make-up artists and designers at her disposal.

  10. The dress is beautiful. But is seems to overhelm Preity. I think it would look better on a taller person. And the hair is blah – not her best look.

  11. I think the color suits her, and she looks elegant. I definitely think she looks tired these days. And the work done to her face isn’t really so discreet! A clear nose job, if you compare her face during the Soldier/Dil Se days to the present day. But despite all this, she’s a very classy woman :)

  12. Adit! you are like an encyclopedia on famous ppl!

    i dont like the dress too much, because i think the innerwear is makin the fall hard and not soft.. if u get what i mean

  13. dress is pretty straightforward and classy, dont like her black wrist watch, a diamond bracelet would have worked better, and also her hair looks too casual for the dress… some more volume would have been good.. But overall, she looks chic.

  14. yay!!! i missed her!!

    she looks awesome. thank god she’s back! i mean, i grew tired of the other random ppl on this site who can never get anything to do with style right.
    yay to preity! lol


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