Preity at DIFF: First Look

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Spotted Preity in a black empire waisted Notte By Marchesa gown and her gold BV Knot clutch.

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Preity Zinta, Dubai International Film Festival

Update: Swapped Pics

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  1. The dress is gorgeous on her…it makes her look 10 miles long. There is something off about her face, though it’s probably just the lighting.

  2. The gown is beautiful but that is the wrong color and length for Preity who is short.

    Her hair looks good but for some reason she looks bloated.

  3. She looks great; not seen her much off late – its a welcome change; and I really dont know what weight are we talking about here !! She looks perfect to me!

  4. well its a beautiful dress
    The fading gold prints along the dress side adds to its beauty, especially like the colour combination
    expect she should have got a slightly smaller sized dressed.
    She def looks pulmer @ manisha
    with slight variantions she could have been dressed to kill!

  5. naah!! dont like her tat tall..she looks cute in her normal self! her dress isnt that pretty either.. love that clutch…but she sure looks unline herself

  6. In response to the previous post by the other Preeti. I certainly don’t think that Preity looks 40+. Perhaps you feel this way because we’re so used to seeing pre-pubescent starlets on the screen these days. I would love to look like that at 40!

  7. The gown is lovely and the clutch is gorgeous with it. Very regal! And yes her legs do look like they are miles long….
    her face looks different somehow?? dunno maybe its the lighting….

  8. pretty dress and I am tired of skinny faces with under eye cirlces and hands and arms that looks like branches of a tree with veins etc..its good to see a healthy human being look like and not a plastic under nortioushed girl who absues herself to stay thin and mosof the time you can tell it by looking at their eyes,they are tired and scream FOODDDD and lack of energy

  9. I don’t know whattt people are talking about when they say she looks fat. Granted most empire waist dresses look like maternity wear but Priety herself is not fat, nor does her face or arms look fat! ARGH THAT MAKES ME SOO MAD.

  10. I LOVE the whole look! I actually went “Oooooh” out loud when I saw this. lol.
    The hair and makeup are flawless; I wonder how she gets that golden glowing look? My complexion is like hers, so I really wanna know.
    Love the dress too. It really accentuates the golden-glowiness.

  11. uuuuh Preity very pretty :)
    I like her gown, it reminds me of Amrita Rao’s which she wore to the Manish Malhotra Show at the Lakme India Fashionweek…maybe it’s from Manish too??


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