Pretty In Pink?

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Neck down, this look was good. Alas, can’t say the same neck up. Ms. Zinta looked tired and the frizzy hair made it look more so.

Preity Zinta at The Charcoal Project Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. What?? She looks nice. It’s a nice relaxed look.
    People’s have naturally frizzy hair! Why do we have unrealistic expectations from celebrities?
    I don’t think this whole perfect hair+perfect face = fashionable.

    • Hey, if this world really did not bother about “unrealistic expectations” like not having frizzy hair, i dont think this blog would exist and you and i would be commenting. Its a question of maintenance/ taking effort to look good ;-)

    • I totally agree fashion outsider! Well said. I think this is especially true of (Female) Indian actresses. The paparazzi follow most Western celebs around, so we’re used to seeing them in their sweats doing the grocery run, in bikinis on the beach with a bit of cellulite etc.

      But for Indian actresses there is so much pressure to be perfect in terms of hair, makeup, body at all times. Especially now with the item-number/ bikini culture being so popular in Hindi movies, where women are basically supposed to do nothing but look stunning. I think Preity is a refreshing antidote to that. Even though she has been there, done that she’s moved onto better things now, like her fabulous de-glam performance in Videsh.

      • Kasthuri, I think Preity looks very presentable her. She’s not shabby or unkempt in anyway. Her hair just looks natural instead of being chemically straightened or blow-dried. Whats wrong with it?

        Don’t tell me that anyone with slightly frizzy hair should not step out until they’ve somehow managed to look like they can model for a shampoo ad :-) I think that is a VERY unrealistic expectation to have of anybody.

        • Also I think there’s a difference between taking the effort to look nice (which Preity has done in a simple, casual way) and looking ‘perfect’. Its like when people criticize Aish for her weight- her body is not in anyway obscene or unhealthily large, yet people have a problem with the fact that she doesn’t have a 24-inch waist. Its only human to not look all perfect all the time, and these celebrity women are only human.

  2. I didn’t think I’d be saying this ever but she needs to go a shade lighter with that hair. Its just making her looking like a member of the Jackson clan and obviously in not a good way :)

  3. come on! she looks fresh and radiant and hardly ‘tired’.

    even your last priety post was over-critical. whats up with that?

  4. I just love this dress, it’s very Spring with it’s softness and lilac color.
    Perhaps a tear drop necklace would have added some pizazz to the look.

  5. i personally love the dress..but more than the dress preity looks absolutely wonderful! i dnt think she looks tired at all!! im loving her new permed/frazzled hair..she looks very refreshing..hope she sticks to it 4 a while cz im nt fond f her straight haired look these days..

  6. Did someone want to know her clutch? I think it is a Lauren Merkin – the Diana line… I love Lauren Merkin clutches super cute.

  7. Preity looks great here…I thought her look was refreshingly simple and tasteful. She doesn’t look tired to me…just casual.


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