Shimmer And Shine?

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One look at Ms. Zinta and we are wondering if she stopped by at this event on her way to shoot for a dance number. What other excuse does she have for wearing metallic/shimmer pants during the day and especially with that bright red tee. With the black Loub pumps, the look seems much too match-ey and the white belt isn’t quite enough to break up the look.

P.S. Oddly enough, “It’s the time to disco” is coming on the Telly right now and I can’t help but think how those pants would fit right in with that top she has on (in the video). :P


Preity Zinta at Godrej Event

Preity Zinta in Kal Ho Na Ho

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. A little too harsh, don’t you think? Yes those are shimmery pants, but the tee doesn’t require this much criticism, does it? It’s just a simple red tee. And (although she’s wearing shiny pants) she doesn’t exactly look like an eye-sore. She looks happy and healthy. So perhaps we’re all being overly critical

    • common give it a break….how many of us make sure the soles of our shoes are spotless and shiny to the hilt… even though they r celebrities, they do walk on ground just like all of us n their shoes tend to get a little muddy, just like everybody else’s…coz they r prone to public gaze, doesn’t mean they need to be scrutinized from top to the soles of their shoes…I think, just my 2 cents here.

  2. ARe you Kidding me? Is it the same Preity Zinta whom we all applauded for a nice and sophisticated dressing. & Girl you need to loose wieght I can see love handles.

    I love loubs. But y is the sole so worn out (i mean what else we all like in loubs than the red sole) Does that happen with all the loubs????

    Any loubs owner?

  3. Oh dear! Preity is one of my favourites…but this is seriously disappointing!The pants are just awful and the belt is making it worse!! I want the stylish Preity back!

  4. Eeeewwwww !! Whats with Preity ? The pants, the belt, the shoes, everything looks bad. She could have worn, a different shade of pants and a better pair of shoes !

  5. Thanks for posting that Kal Ho Na Ho song.. haha.. I really enjoyed watching it after years! haha..
    Priety’s shiny outfit would’ve worked in “It’s the time to disco” – not at a day event!!

  6. come on pnp . . . this look iz not great but not that crap az u guyz r tending to make it . . . its young . . . n pretty lookx nice . . . the red iz lookin good on her n in the monsoonz the combo will look kinda cute in day az well . . . so plz spare her . . . n her pants dont look that shimmery to me . . .

  7. OMG! :o What happened to Preity?! This is SO BAD,especially if you go by her standard. :( The pants are TERRIBLE..and would look terrible even in a disco song.


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