Bowled Away?

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Ms. Zinta decided to give us a terrible look, all neatly wrapped up in a bow. We no likey.

We don’t have a full-length but don’t really need one either.

Preity Zinta at Adolfo Dominguez Store Launch In Delhi

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  1. the bow kinda sticks out.. but Preity’s looking too lovely to complain about it <3
    i love her hair, it seems like those Dil Chahta Hai days :)) i feel that it suits her better than straight hair..

  2. her hair and make up are OK, the dress is a look for a 16 year old. I have been to a number of Adolfo Dominguez stores in Spain and do not care for his clothes, very inconsistent, once in a while you find something great.

  3. im a pretty big preity fan n after ages im loving her look!i dnt have much compliments n her straight hair look now a that curly hair is fab! looks perfect 4 her!
    well i dnt like the dress..but who cares she looks very pretty..


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