Prada’s Made In India Series: A First Look

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It’s no secret that almost all of the world’s leading brands have at one point been inspired by India and many continue to use the finest materials available only in India. In an honor to recognize globalization, Prada’s “Made In …” project features collections from around the world marked by the special tag specifying the country’s name.

The “Made In India” collection features handmade garments featuring chikan work as well as bags and footwear with traditional weaving technique.

Here’s your first look.

P.S. It’s great to see Prada openly acknowledge the products with the more accurate where it’s made at even though it is for a limited series. It is no secret that many brands still do hide the fact. Read Vir Sanghive’s in-depth article about it here.

prada woven flats

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  1. Kudos to Prada for ethical practices in fashion. Glad Indian arts are getting the recognition in fashion circles. But would I pay Prada prices for them?? Hmm.

  2. like how prada are being open and honest…i hope more designers take note. i do hope that the fair hands who put all the lovely pieces together are getting appropriately paid for their work….fair trade please…

  3. oh please. prada being open and honest by sticking on a dinky little label that says where the clothes were made? hahahaha! what an “aisha” moment.

    how much of that over priced prada price tag ACTUALLY gets paid to the indian artisans? anybody knows? anybody cares?

  4. Lovely!
    But.. on a secondary note..
    Am I the only one to notice those fingers that are working on these lovely shoes…? They are scraped.. hurt.. or over-worked?


    Crossing mine that they are getting their worth for this work!

  5. Baby steps.. but atleast steps in the right direction!
    I think the worst i’ve heard of so far are the bags by Simone Camille. The design/handwork/structure is completely stolen from the Rajasthani style handbags you get everywhere in India. Completely disgraceful!
    ps: Love this post!


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