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Prachi attended a few events over the past month wearing desi looks at all of them. While we don’t have a clear favorite amongst the four looks, we did have one that we didn’t quite like and it was the Rimple and Harpreet look. Between the heavily embellished wide cuffs and the bust, Prachi looked rather overwhelmed in the outfit.

Which of the four looks was your favorite?


Prachi Desai


Prachi Desai

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Her face can bring a smile to your face. So lovely she is. I think you are being a little cruel here P&P by not having a “clear” favourite. Agree she looks overwhelmed in look 2. She looks ravishing in Look 3 and Look 4. I LOVE the lehenga in Look 4. Looks so intricate!! Also, how lovely she looks neck up in Look 1. It’s only the dress in the look 1 that I don’t like.. It may be by Shruti Seth but looks so #TarunTahiliani

    • P&P doesn’t like pretty & lady like outfits and dressing. They like boho/boxy loose fitted dressing like how Neha Dhupia dresses. And they are fond of designer labels, even if some one is not a good dresser they feature them if they wear labels like Anu Dewan. This is what I think of P&P after all these years of observation. Of course it’s their prerogative.

      • LOL True. But also anyone with silk saree(in fact most sarees) and ghajra are sure winners for them. The loose fitting is probably closer to their way of dressing up so they probably are biased towards it, fair enough.

  2. She is wearing a couture garment in look 2. It ought to be overwelhming. PandP only like pret. Guess lots of people do not understand couture in india. Sad..
    Rest look 4 is good too actually i really like look 3 too

  3. Saphire amazing observation i agree a hundred percent .. There are various styles couture is different from pret and boho is different from classic clubbing all together you will not b able to justify none!!


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