In Hervé Léger

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Spotted Pooja Batra in the same Léger, albeit in a different color that we had first spotted on the Delhi socialite Anjali Chawla! Have a preference?

Pooja Batra sure seems to have an affinity for Louboutin clutches! At the IIFA event, she accessorized with yet another Christian Louboutin clutch…!


Left: Anjali Chawla At Kalyani Chawla’s Brunch
Right: Pooja Batra At IIFA 09 Fashion Extravaganza, Macau


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  1. She always had a beautiful body, and legs that go on forever, starting at her arm pits :)… accessory ….her lovely smile….

  2. She looks stunning and prefer her to the more robotic and always trying way too hard Ms Shetty and yes she has legs to die for- look at those calves!

  3. awwww guys, I LOVE Herve Ledger! :D If I was toned enough (and rich enough) I would totally buy a few.
    YOWZA! What a body! She certainly has a lot more charisma than Ms. Shetty (if we are comparing).

  4. Oh this girl is def big time (power wise and looks wise). I guess we’re all like Akshay.. we like our women with thick hair, tall, and with a body to die for.

  5. I am so bored of this dress.. I love the herve leger pieces from 90s, but these ones by max azria are showing up everywhere.. yawnnnnnnnn


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