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The flared sleeves with the fitted churidaar or the flared sleeves with the sharara bottoms? Which blue retro look do you prefer?

Left: Deepika Padukone from Om Shanti Om
Right: Neha Dhupia In Character From Action Replayy At Navratri Celebrations

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I think it’s also because the whole 60/70s look was done in a subtle way on Deepika, whilst Neha’s look had it all thrown in…from the huge puffy hair, to the ribbon, to the flared sleeves, to the sharara…

    besides, the overall design of deepika’s was much better. Who designed them?

  2. This doesn’t even warrant a poll. Deepika looks great, while Neha looks plain awful – the outfit is unflattering, tacky and loud. Oh, and that Bump-it hair has got to GO.

  3. I think what lets down Neha’s look is the appalling cut of the gharara..it looks like trousers with a flared trim…..a proper gharara looks nothing like that!!

  4. though deepika looks nice & the dress easy on eyes, it does not look as retro as Neha’s.
    Neha’s dress & her makeup/hairstyle looks very 70’s & retro.

  5. Neha’s look is BAD. cheap and tacky. Really, its making me insane..i never really liked deepika’s look in the movie..so for me its neither!

  6. It’s not a fair comparison.
    Even the flared sleeves in question are way too clown-ish in Neha’s case. Hair style doesn’t help either. If Neha Dhupia can look like thunder-thighs, I dare not think what the sharara can do to us mortals!


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