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Manish Arora returned to Paris Fashion Week a second time and this time his collection for Fall 2008 was inspired by the “warrior theme”.

The collection was predominantly silver and even with a warrior theme, Manish still has added a little bit of humor into it.(See the mickey mouse!)

I am just so in awe of Manish Arora, that I will always love all his collections. What did you think of it?


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  1. Second row, dress on the right reminds me of those super structured Balenciaga dresses!! I am so in love with Manish Arora that I don’t think I can see any fault in him, how he marries pop-culture so seamlessly to high-design is beyond me!! While not everything is ‘walk-out-of-store-into-a-party’ kind of apparel, the couture-kitsch is sheer brilliance!!

    I want. I want. I want.

  2. Manish I know from the time he was a student, I modelled for him, have a few pieces in my wardrobe, and I love the way he thinks out of the box, for the slightly adventerous woman. I cannot wear the traditional salwar he fits perfectly. And moreover he is a SWEETY

  3. i loved his work 2 years back……i still love them……..but he is not getting in real fashion…..same look n same styles….over done sometimes…gimme me a break get out of psy this world is relly beautiful to work on….i think he need to relocate from delhi for that break


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