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Ms. Qureshi instagrammed a pic of her today describing her enthusiasm over the Outhouse earrings she had on. What excited us though was the Vuitton checked dress.

The brand’s Spring 2013 collection has been quite a hit and while we’ve seen a few of the looks in print, in fact the same dress on Priyanka in Vogue, no sightings yet in real life. Till now that is.

Just wish we had a non-insta pic of her. :P


Left: Louis Vuitton, Spring 2013
Right: Pernia Qureshi At A Dinner


Priyanka Chopra in Vogue

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Pernia turning back to make sure the sabzi wasnt burning. A candid pose that her pet dog captured while the 2 spent an evening all by themselves enjoying home made Dinner.

  2. Erm….My momma would hand me a new @$& if I was seen in a dress like this for dinner.
    Oh Ms. Qureshi, we know you have a banging body. The need to rub it in our faces with your excuse being your outhouse earrings is kinda sad.

    • I agree. The earrings are such a lame excuse for wanting to show off her legs in a almost butt baring dress. Some people live in their own worlds…

  3. P&P,
    It bothers me to see comments here condoned by you made by some people, women no less, who consider themselves moral authorities on how other women should dress themselves or cover up or pose. This woman has a smoking hot body and she is rightfully celebrating it by wearing whatever she wants. Its her body and her choice and none of our business to dismiss her off on moral grounds (by calling her Wahiyaat) if her choice of not covering up (to appeal to our moral diktats of how a woman should dress up to cover her modesty) is burning our eyes with jealousy. None of our business really. Can we no longer comment tastefully instead of resorting to bitchiness? Funny how comments on Vidya’s appearances always have the complaint of her drowning in too much fabric. Well, Pernia offers the perfect foil!

  4. it has nothing to do with modesty or lack thereof. I think there is nothing wrong in being able to voice our opinions on the tastelessness of certain celebrity choices. If one were to go by your standards, then there is really no point to this blog, it might as well just be a photo album. we are each individuals capable of forming and expressing our own opinions. If you disagree, then feel free to do so. However do so by defending yourself, rather than making it seem that my opinion is wrong.

    I don’t know from where you extrapolated my comment about her outfit choices to extend to morality. I was trying to make no such connotation. In no way was I saying that she is immoral for trying to show off her legs or her bum or whatever. All I was tryign to get across is that her modus operandi is usually a little lacking in taste. *in my opinion*P


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