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Both Payal and Adhuna may have been wearing red asymmetric tops with contrasting pants but of the two, much preferred Payal’s look. Not only because of the color combo but also because the wide-legged pants balanced out the look better. Adhuna’s look felt a bit off and we blame those pants.

Whose style are you liking better? Payal’s dressy style or Adhuna’s laidback one?


Payal Khandwala & Adhuna Akhtar at Wella Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I am not a fan of either outfits. But of the 2 much prefer Adhuna’s outfit. Its more “normal”. Payal’s feels like a costume or child playing dress up with all the mish-mash (strong colours, off shoulder top, extra long kimono slit sleeves, extra long floral necklace).

  2. How to “design” an outfit a la Payal Khandwala:
    1. Grab old bedsheet. The tattier the better.
    2. DO NOT IRON. This is important, and adds to the designer element.
    3. Cut a large hole in the center of the bedsheet. Be careful to not cut through the mattress underneath.
    4. Cut two more smaller holes on either side of the large hole.
    5. Stick your head through the large hole.
    6. Stick your arms through the smaller holes.
    Guess what? You’re a designer now!!!!!!!!


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