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The first ladies of the socialites/gazillionaire tycoons’ wives club left us a wee bit disappointed at the wedding.

I have to mention, I absolutely loved Ms. Reddy’s sari. Just not for a wedding though.

L To R: Parmeshwar Godrej, Pinky Reddy And Tina Ambani At Genelia And Ritesh’s Wedding

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. My mom-in-law has the same saree as Pinky Reddy with a less gaudy border and it looks so much more elegant. Tina’s saree is a traditional pattu saree but yeah looks a little dated.

  2. My eyes are hurting…. seriously with all the gorgeous prints out there… this is what they come up with. Parmeshwar’s skin matches her sari …Pinky’s sari is seriously fugly with bad draping, tacky jewelery. cant go on anymore. Next!

  3. of the three, like mrs. godrej…maybe not for the wedding tho. surprised you like the reddy saree, a poor copy of the sabya lungee sarees. very tacky, hate the blouse!

    • please dont write as if sabya’s the one who invented saris…such kind of saris (square blocks of different colours) are typical south indian saris…designers just twist the traditional to bring in their element…

  4. I don’t mind pinkys saree, it looks quite cool with the clashiing prints and textures- and i’ d hardly call her strings of plain emeralds tacky, if anything they’re a tad simple for her with all her cash you’d expect her to be dripping in diamonds! Less said about parmeshwar the better, this lady hardly ever dresses well. The last ladys saree is a classic and suits her age- very classy.

  5. I quite like Ms. Godrej’s sari and certainly think it is appropriate. Where is it written that to attend an Indian wedding you have to sparkle more than all the stars in the galaxy?

    No issues with Tina Ambani’s sari as well. It is very beautiful and very traditional. You guys did pick a bad picture, though :P

  6. I love gaudy, rich, vibrant colors at desi weddings…for me these ladies did their jobs pretty well. But…for god sake who wears sunglasses when making an entrance at a wedding of this calibre!

  7. so good to see Tina, love her necklace, overall she looks nice, LOVE PG’s clutch bag. Do not care for her sari blouse, but that is one beautiful sari

  8. I think Pinky Reddy looks great. The saree is different but still feels a little understated. Godrej….hate the saree, when will she ever dress age appropriate with that saree and top it all one boob show!!! Ugh!!
    Tina, oh…watever!!


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