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Dressed in a pink one shouldered Malini Ramani (also worn by the designer here) Paris unveiled her personal bag line today in Mumbai.

We knew this would be the case, and so aren’t really surprised to see a personal line heavily inspired by Vuitton and Chanel, two brands Paris herself sports a lot back in Hollywood. She really doesn’t think we are that ignorant to actually not see it! ;)

Our advice to you, ladies, keep your money and invest in the original! :P

Paris Hilton Unveils Her Bag Line in Mumbai

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She is such a has-been! Which rock has been under? does she think Indians are clueless about style and fashion nowadays? What with all the western fashion magazines flooding India’s shores even the average person knows about brands and bags and is hardly going to be impressed with her range.. need to watch this one..

  2. ppl r being stupid. U know they have knock offs in America 2 rite. go 2 the fashion center of America, NYC, and u will see more knock offs then anywhere else. she isnt making knock offs to sell in India she is making knock off cuz she herself is not talented enough 2 b a gud designer. these bags luk horrible and cheap. her lines that she sells in America just just as lame

  3. “Our advice to you, ladies, keep your money and invest in the original! :P”


    save your money and not spend 3 lakhs for a stupid handbag.


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